Seasons 2 - 3 : 2007 - 2008Edit

Episode 34 Title
The Varia Comes!

Variā Kuru!
#34 June 2, 2007
On a day out having fun, Tsuna and his friends come across a boy using Dying Will Flames and being attacked by a swordsman, but when they try to help, they prove to be no match for him.
35 Cover
The 7 Vongola Rings

Vongore Ringu Nanatsu
#35 June 9, 2007
Dino manages to fend off the swordsman, Squalo, and explains the situation: a subgroup of the Vongola Family called the Varia is after the Vongola Rings, which are held by the leading members of the Family, which he then proceeds to give to Tsuna and six other people. They have ten days to train in order to become strong enough to fight off the Varia. Meanwhile, Tsuna's father returns.
36 Cover
Tutors, Move Out
カテキョー, 動く

Katekyō, Ugoku
#36 June 16, 2007
Tsuna and the other six members chosen to hold one of the 7 half rings all start to train in preparation to face the Varia. Each of them are designated their own home tutors. Meanwhile, Tsuna is told that besides him, the First Vongola Boss also used gloves, and he will soon find out who the two other holders of the Vongola Rings are.
37 Cover
Teacher and Student Combination, Assembled
師弟コンビ, 揃う

Shitei Konbi, Sorou
#37 June 23, 2007
All of them are going through training by their respective tutors. Tsuna is being trained by Reborn, Yamamoto by his father, Gokudera by Dr. Shamal, Ryohei by Colonnello, and Hibari by Dino.
38 Cover
The Selfish Child's Disappearance

Wagamama Koushi no Shissō
#38 June 30, 2007
Under Reborn's instruction, Tsuna embarks on a search to find the missing Lambo. At the same time, Haru is testing Tsuna to find out whether he is still the kind and compassionate Tsuna who had saved her in the river.
39 Cover
The Invisible Enemies Goal is?

Miezaru Teki no Mokuteki wa
#39 July 7, 2007
A Vongola weapon alteration expert shows up to improve everyone's weapon. Meanwhile, two men appear, aiming to assassinate Tsuna.
40 Cover
The Ring Battle, Start!
リング争奪戦, 開始!

Ring Sōdatsusen, Kaishi!
#40 July 14, 2007
All of the selected ones are forced to battle against each other who have the same type of ring.
41 Cover
The Feelings of the Guardian of the Sun

Hare no Shugosha no Omoi
#41 July 21, 2007
Lussuria and Ryohei fight in a heavily lighted boxing arena. Ryohei then remembers his sister and the reason he became a boxer. He then gets back up, ready to fight.
42 Cover
The Power to Rebound Adversity

Gyakkyō o Hanekaesu Chikara
#42 July 28, 2007
Ryohei continues his fight with Lussuria. When the battle seems to favor Lussuria, Kyoko and Hana appear and give Ryohei the support he needs to release his Maximum Cannon. Later, Tsuna wonders if Lambo can really fight in the next round.
43 Cover
Thunder Strike of 20 Years Later

20 nen go no Raigeki
#43 August 4, 2007
Lambo's fight versus Leviathan of Varia. As a 5-year-old and a 15-year-old, he stands no chance to the "Levi Volta" attack of Levi. However, when the 15-year-old Lambo used the Ten Year Bazooka, Lambo from 20 years later appears. The 25-year-old defeats Leviathan with relative ease using his Elettrico reverse and Elettrico Cornata techniques, but the 5-minute limit of the Ten Year Bazooka ended, and Lambo reverted to his 5-year-old form. Just as Leviathan was about to severely injure Lambo, Tsuna stops the match in Hyper Dying Will Mode, surprising everyone.
44 Cover
The Stolen Sky Ring

Ubawareta Ōzora no Ringu
#44 August 11, 2007
Tsuna's ring is taken from him for having interfered in Lambo's fight. Tsuna's father leaves for Italy after Xanxus hints at having done something to the Ninth Boss of Vongola. While Tsuna continues his training, Gokudera is trying to perfect his ultimate technique.
45 Cover
Raging Waves of the Storm Battle

Dotō no Arashisen
#45 August 18, 2007
Gokudera fights a losing battle to Belphegor. Belphegor's attacks were somehow going right to him without much effort on Bel's part. However, Gokudera figures out the secret to his trick, and unveils his new technique: Rocket Bombs. However, once Gokudera finally strikes Belphegor, Bel starts to act strangely.
46 Cover
A Reason to Fight

Tatakau Riyū
#46 August 25, 2007
After Belphegor reveals his true nature, Gokudera lures Belphegor into the library for a final stand. After a brief struggle between the two, Gokudera won, but as the time limit for the match expired, it became a struggle match for the two. Not wanting to lose his friend, Tsuna persuaded Gokudera to abandon the ring. Gokudera's match concludes with a win for Bel.
47 Cover
The Strongest, Invincible Sword Style

Saikyō Muteki no Ryūha
#47 September 1, 2007
The battle for the Ring of Rain between Yamamoto and Squalo is announced. Hibari causes a commotion at the school, as the battles have caused major damage to the grounds. Dino reveals that Squalo once defeated the Sword Emperor of the old Varia and that Yamamoto's Shigure Soen Style is useless against him. Yamamoto receives a shinai from his father that transforms into a katana only when using the Shigure Soen Style.
48 Cover
The Match's Whereabouts

Shōbu no Yukue
#48 September 8, 2007
The battle for the Ring of Rain commences. Yamamoto shows off his new Shigure Soen Style and it looks like victory is assured. But, slowly, Squalo gains the upper hand, as none of Yamamoto's attacks are hitting. He then reveals that he can read through all of Yamamoto's moves.
49 Cover
Requiem Rain

Rekuiemu no Ame
#49 September 15, 2007
Having crushed the Shigure Soen Style before, Squalo becomes confident once more. Yamamoto manages to hurt him with the 8th Form: Pelting Rain, after Squalo revealed he had encountered a different 8th Form. Yamamoto reveals his newly created 9th Form as Squalo bares his fangs. The Shark and Rain collide on this exciting conclusion.
50 Cover
The Guardian of the Mist, Arrives!?
霧の守護者, 来る!?

Kiri no Shugosha, Kuru!?
#50 September 22, 2007
On Tsuna's side of the world, he is curious to know who the Guardian of the Mist is only to faint at the sight of Chikusa and Ken. At the Vongola Compound in Italy, an attempted recon mission is enacted by Iemitsu to find out what happened to the Ninth Vongola. When Tsuna regains consciousness, he and his 'family' find out who the Guardian of the Mist really is.
51 Cover
Illusion vs. Illusion

Genjutsu vs. Genjutsu
#51 September 29, 2007
Having found out that Chrome Dokuro is the Vongola's representative of Guardian of the Mist, Tsuna acknowledges her as a part of the family and allows her to take part in the duel. After many exerted attempts to attack 'Mammon' (now known as Viper of the Indigo Pacifier), Chrome eventually loses to the illusions. However, the battle does not end as an unexpected person comes in to assist in the battle.
52 Cover
The Truth of the Mist

Kiri no Shinjitsu
#52 October 6, 2007
The unexpected person, turned from Chrome, turns out to be Mukuro Rokudo. A series of chaotic illusion battles start. During the fight, Tsuna experiences flashbacks of Mukuro on how he sacrificed himself for Ken and Chikusa to escape. Mukuro ends up being the winner, almost killing Mammon, who escaped from the battlefield with his reserved power. Mukuro fainted after the battle, turning himself back to Chrome.
53 Cover
A Taste of Anxiety

Ichimatsu no Fuan
#53 October 13, 2007
Everyone in Tsuna's family is worried about the outcome of the Cloud Battle. If it's Hibari that's fighting, then they should have a one-hit K.O. no-worry win. However, when it seems that the daunting Gola Mosca is more than he appears to be, and even Tsuna, who's still training to complete his Zero Point Breakthrough, gets very worried.
54 Cover
The Guardian of the Cloud's Charge

Kumo no Shugosha no Bōsō
#54 October 20, 2007
After the Cloud Battle, Xanxus tries to retrieve Gola Mosca. After Hibari halts his attempt at retrieval, Mosca goes on a rampage, shooting wildly at everyone, whether friend or foe. Back at the Ninth's mansion, it is revealed that the Ninth living there is in fact a fake. Tsuna comes to the rescue of his friends and holds off Mosca, at which time Mosca attacks Tsuna only.
55 Cover

#55 October 27, 2007
Tsuna opens Gola Mosca to find the body of the Ninth, who was its power supply. Xanxus is revealed to have been behind a coup attempt years ago. It is revealed that Tsuna has met the Ninth before and that he was the true choice for the position of the 10th Vongola Boss, after which the Sky Match is announced for the next night. Xanxus gives the Sky Ring to Tsuna before he leaves. The Ninth is taken for medical attention and everyone returns home. Tsuna returns to school the next day where he receives an amulet from Kyoko.
56 Cover
Gokudera's Story

Gokudera no Hanashi
#56 November 3, 2007
As Lambo wakes up from his coma, Gokudera recounts what has happened during the Varia Arc.
57 Cover
The Battle of the Sky, Begins!
大空戦, 始まる!

Ōzora-sen, Hajimaru !
#57 November 10, 2007
Everyone arrives at Nami Middle to find Tsuna and Xanxus about to fight. The Cervello put watches on the guardians that poison them and the only antidote is to put the guardian ring in the watch itself. Just before the fight begins, Xanxus makes a decisive first strike.
58 Cover
Flame of Wrath (Episode)

Funnu no Honō
#58 November 17, 2007
The Battle of the Sky gets started and the strengths of Xanxus and Tsuna are exposed, not to mention that a couple of the guardians seem to be coming around.
59 Cover
Relieving Everyone

Engo suru Mono-tachi
#59 November 24, 2007
All the Guardians have been injected with a poison and rendered unmovable. Hibari, however, manages to help himself and on the way saves Gokudera. On Xanxus's side, Bel and Levi have also been freed. Gokudera rushes to save a helpless Lambo from Levi. Meanwhile, the Sky battle has begun to heat up.
60 Cover
Dying Will Zero Point Breakthrough

Shinuki no Zero Chiten Toppa
#60 December 1, 2007
Tsuna prepares to use the fruit of his hard training: the Zero Point Breakthrough. Xanxus, however, recognizes this attack and proceeds in a hectic beat down. Reborn reveals that maybe using it to attack won't beat Xanxus anyway.
61 Cover
Zero Point Breakthrough - Revised

Zero Chiten Toppa·Kai
#61 December 8, 2007
Xanxus is firing relentlessly, leaving no time for Tsuna to execute his attack. But Tsuna is getting stronger with each hit he takes due to the Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised. Meanwhile, Hibari has saved Yamamoto and Gokudera has freed Ryohei. Tsuna's family are all saved. Dino arrives at the battle with an unexpected guest.
62 Cover

#62 December 15, 2007
Dino's unexpected guest is revealed to be Squalo, who Dino saved instead of Yamamoto and brings to see the Sky Match. Yamamoto, along with Gokudera, proposes a trade between Mammon and Bel, which turns out to be a well-played trick but is countered by Mammon's illusions, which bind both Yamamoto and Gokudera, Gokudera of which drops the remaining rings. Tsuna and Xanxus have a struggle where Xanxus powers up, which seems to turn the tide of the battle. Tsuna and Xanxus then charge at each other, which results in a huge explosion. After the smoke clears, Tsuna's Zero Point Breakthrough froze Xanxus's hand, revealing that he has mastered the First's technique.
63 Cover
Freezing Flame

Kōritsuku Honō
#63 December 22, 2007
As the fight continues, Xanxus tries to break the ice and release his flames. However, Tsuna prevents him and begins to freeze Xanxus' entire body. As Xanxus becomes frozen, he reveals that this scenario is similar to when the Ninth Vongola froze him. Squalo finally reveals the whole story of what happened 8 years ago during the "Crib Incident" and how the Varia attacked Vongola headquarters but failed due to the freezing of Xanxus. Meanwhile, Ryohei is shown freeing Gokudera, Yamamoto and Chrome from Mammon and Bel's trap. However, Mammon was able to get all the guardian rings and is seen at the end hovering over the frozen Xanxus saying that all the rings will reawaken Xanxus.
64 Cover
The Truth About Anger

Ikari no Shinsō
#64 January 18, 2008
After the fight, Xanxus is released with the power of the 7 rings which he was originally released by from the 9th. There is a short flashback of his life, and a secret is revealed: Xanxus is not actually the Ninth's blood son, and so, the rings rejected him. At the end of this, an elite group of Varia arrives.
65 Cover

#65 January 12, 2008
The elite group of Varia are defeated and Tsuna is pronounced the winner of the Sky Ring. They celebrate with a party at Yamamato's house.
66 Cover
The Shivering Ghost

Furuete Gōsuto
#66 January 19, 2008
Tsuna and friends go into the graveyard for the game of "a dare of courage." It turns out that everyone wanted to scare people and Tsuna and Lambo end up being the only ones who will be scared.
67 Cover
Vongola Style Parents' Day

Bongore Shiki Jugyōsankan
#67 January 26, 2008
Reborn teaches at Tsuna's school for parents' day.
68 Cover
Happy? Wedding
ハッピー? ウェディング

Happii? Wedingu
#68 February 2, 2008
A wedding between Reborn and Bianchi has been arranged and Reborn is missing.
69 Cover
Unthinkable Crime of Three Siblings

Tondemo Hanzai San Kyōdai
#69 February 9, 2008
One of three siblings steals Nana's purse while she is out on a walk. Tsuna and the others plan to get her purse back.
70 Cover
Shoichi Irie's Calamity

Irie Shōichi no Sainan
#70 February 16, 2008
Shoichi happens upon Tsuna's home while taking a stroll. He discovers what goes on in the Sawada house. Later on, Lambo crashes into Shoichi's home and he is to return him to the Sawada household.
71 Cover
Spirit Battle! Absolute Evil Fist

Kihaku de Shōbu! Zettai Maken
#71 February 23, 2008
Tsuna, Kyoko and Haru undergo training to go against a group of dojo-breakers causing trouble in Namimori.
72 Cover
Expulsion Crisis

Taigaku Kuraishisu
#72 March 1, 2008
Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto and Ryohei are threatened to be expelled from school by an evil science teacher, but the principal has agreed not to expel them if they find the time capsule buried beneath the school.
73 Cover
Mom's Day of Thanks

Kāsan Kansha no Hi
#73 March 8, 2008
Reborn holds a special Vongola party for Tsuna's mom. They have a competition where they compete to impress his mom.

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