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The Reborn! anime, also known as Katekyō Hitman Reborn!, is an animated Japanese television series directed by Kenichi Imaizumi and produced and animated by Artland. It first began airing in Japan on the television network "TV Tokyo" on October 7, 2006 and ended on September 25, 2010, with a total of 203 episodes; each are referred to as a "Target'." The anime is an adaptation of Akira Amano's manga series of the same name, which was first serialized in Japan's Weekly Shonen Jump in 2004. The series centers around the life of Tsunayoshi "Tsuna" Sawada, a timid failure of a boy who learns he is the great-great-great-grandson of the founder of the Italian mafia The Vongola Family. Tsuna, who is the only living heir, must learn to become a proper Mafia Boss and is required to undergo training from the Vongola's number one Hitman, an infant named Reborn.

Episode List Edit

Season 1: 2006 - 2007Edit

Episode 1 Title
What!? I'm the Tenth Generation Mafia Boss!?
えぇ!? 俺がマフィアの10代目!?

Ē!? Ore ga Mafia no 10 daime!?
#01 October 7, 2006
A strange infant, Reborn, claiming to be a hitman for the Mafia, approaches Tsunayoshi "Tsuna" Sawada. To Tsuna's dismay, he has just been chosen to become the next Vongola Boss.
Episode 2 Title
The End of School!?

Ji Endo obu Gakkō!?
#02 October 14, 2006
Since Reborn's arrival, Tsuna begins to meet new and strange people.
Episode 3 Title
Shocking! Cooking with Love and Horror!

Dengeki! Ai to Kyōfu no Kukkingu!
#03 October 21, 2006
Bianchi is an assassin who believes that love conquers all. So, in order for her love to reach Reborn, she attempts to kill Tsuna to free Reborn's schedule. Meanwhile, a young assassin named Lambo comes after Reborn, claiming to be his rivial.
Episode 4 Title
Hahi! Destroy Girls' Hearts!

Hahi! Otomegokoro wa Desutoroi!
#04 October 28, 2006
A strange girl, Haru Miura, is seen stalking Tsuna. In fact, Haru is actually trying to follow Reborn. In order to "free" Reborn, she tries to drive away Tsuna by force.
Episode 5 Title
The Director of the Discipline Committee's Avoidance of Boredom

Fūki Iinchō no Taikutsu Shinogi
#05 November 4, 2006
Just when Tsuna is adjusting to his new life, his school's delinquent leader, Kyoya Hibari, is now targetting Tsuna. Fortunately for Tsuna, Hibari is more interested in fighting Reborn.
Episode 6 Title
Ni-Hao Gyoza Fist!

Nī Hao Gyōza Ken!
#06 November 11, 2006
A strange Chinese infant, I-Pin, comes to Japan in order to kill Tsuna.
Episode 7 Title
The Limit! Passionate Brother!

Kyokugen! Moeru Oniichan!
#07 November 18, 2006
Tsuna finally meets Kyoko Sasagawa's older brother, Ryohei Sasagawa, but things don't seem to go the way he wanted when Ryohei nags Tsuna to join the boxing club.
Episode 8 Title
The Senior Boss Thinks of his Family

Senpai Bosu wa Famirī Omoi
#08 November 25, 2006
Reborn's former student comes to Japan to visit Tsuna; Dino teaches Tsuna what it means to be a Mafia leader.
Episode 9 Title
Short Life Skull Disease
命短し ドクロ病

Inochi Mijikashi Dokuro-byō
#09 December 2, 2006
Tsuna is stricken with an embarrassing disease called Skullitis, a fatal disease that speaks your embarrassing moments even after you have died. Unfortunately for Tsuna, the disease will kill him in 2 hours if he is not cured.
Episode 10 Title
Gahaha! The Exploding Lunchbox!

Gahaha! Bakuhatsu suru Bentōbako!
#10 December 9, 2006
Lambo is given a simple task of giving Tsuna his lunch by Tsuna's mother, but when he bumps into I-Pin, who was carrying a box of nitroglycerin, a mix-up causes things turn for the worse.
Episode 11 Title
The Dumpling Bun of Love and Death

Ai to Shi no Gyōza-man!?
#11 December 16, 2006
One day, Haru and Kyoko are on their "cake day," a day where they treat themselves while on a diet. They come over to Tsuna's and share cake with I-Pin. I-Pin shares her Gyoza buns with them. When Haru and Kyoko eat a Gyoza bun that proves fatal to normal people, Tsuna must find I-Pin's master, who is in town for the day selling buns.
Episode 12 Title
Training Teacher! Strengthening Program

Shi no Kunren! Kyōka Puroguramu
#12 December 23, 2006
Reborn strengthens the abilities of Gokudera and Yamamoto through specially made "training programs," which appear to be more than an exercise course. When he discovers that Reborn and Tsuna seem to be paying more attention to Yamamoto, however, Gokudera feels left out.
Episode 13 Title
New Year! The Game of 100,000,000 Yen!

Shinshun! Ichiōku-en no Daishōbu!
#13 January 6, 2007
It's New Years and Tsuna and his 'family' have to battle the Cavallone Family in a traditional Vongola event. However, the losing family has to pay a price of 100,000,000 Yen.
Episode 14 Title
First Date!? Hell's Zoo

Hatsu Dēto!? Jigoku no Dōbutsuen
#14 January 13, 2007
Tsuna goes to the zoo with Kyoko, and is glad to finally able to be alone with her. Tsuna's ideal "date" does not go as planned, however, as he runs into his friends in the zoo, who are causing all sorts of trouble.
Episode 15 Title
Survival Snow Battle

Sabaibaru Yukigassen
#15 January 20, 2007
All of Tsuna's friends show up at school during winter to help him baby-sit I-Pin and Lambo. Although, in a turn of events, everyone besides Tsuna seems to just want to have a snowball fight, so Reborn turns it into another one of his staged competitions.
Episode 16 Title
Escape From the Mountain of Death!

Shi no Yama o Dasshutsu seyo!
#16 January 27, 2007
When Reborn drops Tsuna and his friends off on an isolated mountain, he and the others become lost in the wilderness of the mountain.
Episode 17 Title
Hush Before Entering the Hospital

Nyūin Saki de wa Oto o Kese
#17 February 3, 2007
Tsuna is recovering from his wounds from the previous episode and discovers that recovering in peace and quiet isn't possible with not only his friends visiting, but the fact that Hibari is in the same hospital.
Episode 18 Title
Poisoned Love Chocolates

Ai no Choko ni wa Doku ga Aru
#18 February 10, 2007
It's Valentine's Day, and Kyoko and Haru are at Tsuna's house to make some chocolate, only to his horror, he finds that they are being helped by Bianchi. Tsuna and his friends have to find a way to get Bianchi away from them before she ends up poisoning the chocolate.
Episode 19 Title
100% Accuracy? Ranking Everything

Hyappatsu Hyakuchū? Nandemo Rankingu!
#19 February 17, 2007
A small kid named Fuuta bumps into Tsuna. What Tsuna is not aware of is that Fuuta is a Mafia informant, whose "rankings" are 100% accurate, and this makes him a widely sought-after target, forcing Tsuna and the others to protect him.
Episode 20 Title
Abrupt Attack

Totsuzen no Shūgeki
#20 February 24, 2007
One by one, students at Namimori High are being targeted by an unknown gang. Tsuna goes to school and finds Hibari going to deal with the threat.
Episode 21 Title
Injured Friends

Kizutsuku Tomo-tachi
#21 March 3, 2007
Gokudera defeats Chikusa, but Tsuna comes and he learns that Tsuna is the Vongola Tenth. Later Yamamoto runs into and defeats one of the members, Ken Joshima.
Episode 22 Title
The Unexpected Demonic Leader

Yokisenu Mashu
#22 March 10, 2007
After a quick battle between Bianchi and M.M., Haru and Kyoko have been targeted by the Bloody Twins under Birds' order. Threatening to kill off the girls, Birds plays with Tsuna and his friends, commanding them to beat Tsuna up. Fuuta announces that he is sticking with Mukuro and runs off with Tsuna following him.
Episode 23 Title
The Last Dying Will Bullet

Saigo no Shinuki-dan
#23 March 17, 2007
With Tsuna running after Fuuta, the others are left to deal with the one claiming to be Mukuro himself. He proves to be too much for them in the state they are in, so all hope lies with Tsuna coming back in time. However, even if he does, there is only one Dying Will Bullet left.
Episode 24 Title
Everyone's Counterattack

Sorezore no Hangeki
#24 March 24, 2007
Gokudera runs into Chikusa and Ken and faces them but is defeated. He figures out Hibari is behind a wall and blasts it free, letting Hibari easily defeat the two. Tsuna tries to snap Fuuta out of Mukuro's control and does so, causing Fuuta to collapse. Hibari arrives and defeats Mukuro but appears he possessed Bianchi.
Episode 25 Title
I Want to Win! Instant Awakening

Kachitai! Mezame no Shunkan
#25 March 31, 2007
Tsuna becomes cornered, unwilling to hurt his friends until Leon bursts and reveals some Mittens and a new bullet, the Rebuke Bullet. Reborn shoots Tsuna with the new bullet, allowing him to hear others' thoughts and awakens.
Episode 26 Title
The End and From Then On

Owari to Sore kara
#26 April 7, 2007
With the new Rebuke Bullet, Tsuna reaches Hyper Dying Will Mode, allowing him to fight calmly. With Hyper Dying Will Mode, the mittens change into gloves enchanted with the Dying Will Flame. Tsuna manages to defeat Mukuro. Mukuro and his gang are taken by the Vendicare, protectors of Mafia law.
Episode 27 Title
Eat Sushi to Celebrate Promotion

Shinkyū Iwai de Sushi Kutte
#27 April 14, 2007
After the defeat of Mukuro, life goes on normally and Tsuna and his friends all move up a grade at school. However, none of them are in the same class, so Reborn offers them a challenge to catch him, with the prize being a change of the roster. Later, they celebrate at a sushi restaurant owned by Yamamoto's father only to find they do not have enough money to pay for their food and have to work off their debt.
Episode 28 Title
It's a Lie! We killed?

Uso! Ore ga Koroshita-no?
#28 April 21, 2007
A burglar comes into Tsuna's room at night, with Tsuna fainting from fear, only to wake up in the morning to find him dead. Everyone must find a way to hide the body or else go to prison.
Episode 29 Title
Broccoli's Sweetheart?

Koibito wa Burokkorī?
#29 April 28, 2007
Kyoko's friend Hana is infatuated with Future Lambo and blackmails Tsuna into letting her meet him by threatening to tell Kyoko that Haru is his girlfriend. When Lambo uses the Ten-Year Bazooka, however, something malfunctions and creates a teen Lambo with young Lambo's mind, and, to make matters worse, this Lambo escapes from the house.
Episode 30 Title
Hide and Seek on a Cruise Ship

Gōka Kyakusen de Kakurenbo
#30 May 5, 2007
Reborn invites Tsuna and his mom to a vacation resort, but they first have to ride on a cruise ship to get there. Once on the ship, Tsuna spots some of his friends, who all boarded without tickets, and he now has to keep them from being caught, but first, he has to catch them.
Episode 31 Title
Welcoming at Mafia Island (Land)

Oidemase Mafia Rando
#31 May 12, 2007
At Mafia Island, Tsuna fails to prove his identity as the Vongola Family's 10th boss, and is transported to the back of the island where he is given a new chance to prove himself. There, he meets another Arcobaleno, Colonnello. Colonnello and Reborn put Tsuna through tough training. Meanwhile, another Arcobaleno invades the island with an army.
Episode 32 Title
A Shark in the Public Pool

Shimin Pūru ni Same ga Deta
#32 May 19, 2007
Tsuna has to swim 15m in school, but, being unable to swim, he is trained by Yamamoto, Gokudera and Haru in the public pool. Everyone has his own method, and they decide to compete to see who can get Tsuna to swim the furthest. Reborn interferes this time with a Vongola dolphin that has a dangerous personality.
Episode 33 Title
Summer Vacation Ruined by Loans?

Shakkin Mamire no Natsu-yasumi?
#33 May 26, 2007
To pay off the damage caused in the previous episode, Tsuna works as a lifeguard with Ryohei, only for them and the other boys to be challenged to a swimming race by older lifeguards. Later, Tsuna and his friends run a stand during a summer festival to continue to pay off their debt, only to have run-ins with Hibari and a group of thieves.

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