Lightning Flame

Lightning Flame

Color Green
Romaji Kaminari
Characteristic Indurimento (Hardening)
Ability Hardening, protecting, solidifying
Users Lightning Flame Users
Belongs To Dying Will Flames of the Sky

Lightning Flames have a center that is off-white green and extremely sharp "spikes" of a dark neon green color. Its tendency to form round shapes with the sharper parts flailing around is a heads down to how electricity is often depicted in animated works. On a similar note, when a Lightning Flame is lit, a buzzing sound similar to that of electricity is heard instead of the common Flame sound, which is associated with fire. Lightning Flames are in many ways more similar to electricity than actual flames. The special trait of these Flames, Hardening, can be employed to harden and increase the firmness of objects. By themselves, the Flames can be used defensively by projecting a solid barrier and also offensively by cutting like a sharp blade or electrocuting like actual electricity. It's also known as the toughest flame.


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