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Leonardo Lippi

Leonardo Lippi Anime

Kanji Name レオナルド·リッピ
Romaji Name Reonrunardo Rippi
Gender Male
Status Unknown
Famiglia Millefiore Famiglia
Team Millefiore White Spell, Squad 6
Seiyu Masaru Hotta
Manga Debut Chapter 141
Anime Debut Episode 76

Character OutlineEdit

Leonardo Lippi was a member of the White Spell and was always seen approaching Byakuran with a report. He speaks to Byakuran in a polite manner and was said to be doing a lot of exhausting work.

At first sight, one would see him as another ordinary member of the Millefiore, but at times Byakuran would give him a strange look and question him about how he appears, such as to why he looked pale; however, it is later revealed that Leonardo Lippi is not who he appears to be.

Plot OverviewEdit

Future ArcEdit

He is briefly repeatedly seen giving Byakuran reports on various happenings. Later, just before the Merone Base Invasion, Leonardo is seen greeting Byakuran as he comes back from lunch. Suddenly, Leonardo timidly announced to Byakuran that he wanted to resign. Byakuran, however, unveils his identity as Mukuro Rokudo, the Vongola Mist Guardian, who possessed a 17-year-old murderer named Guido Greco and infiltrated the Millefiore. Mukuro then forms an illusion to transfer his full consciousness with his appearance shown as well to Byakuran's office, and begins the battle between him and Byakuran. Later, after Mukuro is defeated, he attempts to leave; however, Byakuran had already enclosed to area in an invincible barrier and finishes "Leonardo" off, leading the Vongola and Byakuran to believe that both he and Mukuro were dead; later, Mukuro was shown to be alive and well, but Leonardo's status was not shown.


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