Lambo 20 Years Later

Target 98

Ni-jūnen Go no Ranbo
Arc Varia Arc
Chapter 98
Volume Before the Showdown
Chapter Guide
Lambo vs. Leviathan
Xanxus's Smile

Lambo 20 Years Later is the 98th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


25 year old Lambo has just been summoned. Leviathan uses his Levi Volta for the second time, but 25 year old Lambo absorbs it with his perfected Elettrico Cuoio and turns it into Elettrico Reverse. 25 year old Lambo suddenly notices the pair of horns child Lambo left behind and uses one to block a parabola Leviathan threw at him. 25 year old Lambo shows them what was under the paint that was knocked off by the parabola: "Dumb cow", revealing that the horns Adult Lambo got from Iemitsu actually belonged to 25 year old Lambo. Lambo promptly takes out his backup horns, equips his real horns, and activates his Thunder Set. Reborn comments that the user would need to be within close range of the opponent to use Elettrico Cornata, but 25 year old Lambo releases the lightning as a blast instead. The blast successfully strikes Leviathan, doing a great amount of damage. Before 25 year old Lambo could strike the final blow, he is suddenly replaced by child Lambo. Enraged, Leviathan stomps on Lambo several times and smashes him with a parabola. As Leviathan is about to kill Lambo, he jumps out of the way to avoid the falling lightning rods of the Elettrico Circuit. Tsuna, the cause of the fall of the lightning rods, states that "If I have to watch my precious comrades die with my own eyes, I wouldn't be able to atone for it, no matter how many times I died."


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