Lambo's Cambio Forma Version Vongola Gear

Chapter 312 Cover

Title Lambo's Cambio Forma Version Vongola Gear
Users Lambo
Similar Techniques Lampo's Shield
Manga Debut Chapter 311

Rather than a shield, the Cambio Forma has now become a large pair of horns connected to some armour on the upper body, possessing four switches that change the shape of the horns depending on which switches are pushed. It also has a pair of boots. Gyuudon now merges directly with Lambo. The horns can act as an electromagnet attracting sand which it can then release.


  • Wide Horn (ワイド ホーン, Waido Hōn): By pushing the 2nd and 3rd switches on the chest armor up, the Horns on top of the Cambio Forma change shape and become larger.
  • Corna Molla Elettro Shock (電撃コイル角 (コルナ・モッラ・エレットロ・ショック, Koruna Morra Erettoro Shokku; Italian for "Coil Horns Electric Shock", Japanese for "Electric Shock Coil Angle): From the curled horns of the new Cambo Forma extremely fierce electricity is generated which in turn becomes an electromagnet.
  • Ironhorn Electorico (エレットゥリコ アイロンホーン, Eretouriko Aironhōn): 15 year old Lambo melts and solidifies the iron sand creating powerful objects which he uses as projectiles.
  • Ferro Corno Electro Shock (電撃鉄の角 (フエッロ・コルナ・エレットロ・ショック; Fuerro Koruna Erettoro Shokku, Italian for "Ironhorn Electro Shock, Japanese for "Iron Electric Shock Angle): Lambo creates two massive objects by using the Iron Sand, and then coats it with the Lightning Flame.

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