Kyoya Hibari vs. Phantom Knight

Kyoya Hibari vs. Genkishi

雲雀 恭弥 VS 幻騎士
Hibari Kyoya VS. Genkishi
Arc Future Arc
Chapter 203
Volume Souen Style Special Method Arrives!
Chapter Guide
Round Device
Needle Sphere Form Reversed

Kyoya Hibari vs. Genkishi is the 203rd of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Genkishi's Box Weapon engulfs the room and turns it into an illusionary forest. Hibari ignites his Flames on his Cloud Ring and easily dodges Genkishi's missiles. Genkishi shrouds himself in actual mist and strikes from above, but Hibari blocks the attack with his tonfa. Hibari unleashes his Cloud Hedgehog which engulfs Genkishi, but the latter breaks out of it in seconds. Hibari launches two more hedgehogs and clashes with Genkishi. The illusion walls start to break down, and the illusion creators, the Spettrale Nudiblanc (Mist Spectral Sea Slug), are revealed.

The army of slugs shoot towards Hibari and make themselves invisible. Hibari dodges most of them and block the rest with his hedgehogs' armor. Genkishi discovers that Hibari was able to see the slugs by emitting Flames from his Ring as a radar and using the vibrations to find the slugs' locations. Hibari takes out his remaining Rings (two C-Rank and one D-Rank) and promises to destroy Genkishi.


Note: Bold + Italicized = First Appearance

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