Kyoya Hibari vs Adelheid Suzuki

Target 321

雲雀飛来 vs 鈴木アーデルハイド
Hibari Kyōya basasu Suzuki Adoruhaito
Arc Inheritance Ceremony Arc
Chapter 321
Volume Awakening Arrives!
Chapter Guide
Hibari, Incoming!
Hibari vs. 500

Kyoya Hibari vs. Adelheid Suzuki is the 321st chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Adelheid and Hibari start the fight. Tsuna goes down near the battlefield to take a closer look since Hibari told him to watch his fight. Adelheid claims that she does not intend to cross weapons with Hibari directly, which makes Hibari think that she has already given up but Adelheid says she claimed her victory. Hibari makes his first move and rushes towards Adelheid, attacking her with his tonfa, which is easily dodged by Adelheid. Adelheid then jumps into the waterfall and uses her Flames to create a strong defense castle, Diamond Castle, Muro Difesa Invincible, which she explained could protect her from even Tsuna's X-Burner.

Hibari asks how she would take his armband while she's inside the ice. Adelheid answers that she will not be the one to take it. From the river, the water forms into 500 ice puppets that resemble Adelheid with each puppet having the same power as hers, Gruppo Attacco Invincible and they are the ones who would fight him and take his armband. As the puppets surround Hibari, Adelheid says that he had no chance of winning from the very beginning.

Daemon, who is watching from afar, comments that it's beautiful and that if she wasn't there, the Simon Famiglia would have stayed as the losers they were. It was him who put the plan to revive Simon into action. By making a vessel of Julie, he is able to control them. If he didn't have people to carry out his plan, it would have remained a hypothetical theory. Thanks to Adelheid's passionate, zealous leadership, the blood of Cozarto Simon within Enma boiled once more and Daemon considers her their goddess of victory.

Back to the fight, Adelheid orders her puppets to attack. Hibari is able to block the first puppet's attack, but the remaining puppets attack from other directions, seemingly killing him. However, with his new tonfa, he is able to defeat them by using the chains at the tonfa's ends.


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