Kyoya Hibari vs. Adelheid Suzuki

Hibari Vs. Adelheid

Arc Inheritance Ceremony Arc
Location Simon Waterfall
Chapters 321-323
Kyoya Hibari Adelheid Suzuki
Fight Guide
Tsunayoshi Sawada vs. Enma Kozato
Vongola & Simon vs. Daemon Spade

Kyoya Hibari vs. Adelheid Suzuki is the sixth major battle of the Inheritance Ceremony Arc, which features the Tenth Generation Vongola Cloud Guardian and the Tenth Generation Simon Glacier Guardian fighting over their pride inscribed on their armbands.


Back with Tsuna's group Gokudera felt uneasy about the dark shadow that Reborn mentioned earlier since they don't have absolute proof. Reborn the said that just as Tsuna said, seeing each members of Shimon's honesty and terrible action as a group made him feel something off about it, thinking that perhaps the Shimon are not monolithic. Adelheid then appeared suddenly challenging Tsuna to a duel as she promised. Upon receiving no answer when she questioned him about his pride claiming that his pride must be the cruel blood that runs through his veins. However before anyone could respond a helicopter arrived and dropped of Hibari who agreed to fight Adelheid. Upon establishing their prides they agreed to decide the winner on who could steal the others armband first. Adelheid then leapt down the cliff while using her Glacier flames to freeze the waterfall on her decent. Before following Hibari asked Tsuna to pay careful attention to the fight. Hibari then revealed his Vongola Gear which modified his own uniform and his tonfas.


Adelheid then commented that she wouldn't need to attack and jumped into the waterfall. Using her Glacier flame she formed huge ice castle within the waterfall that she claimed to be impenetrble weven to an attack as powerful as the X Burner. Hibari pointed out her inability to take his armband but she responded by creating five hundred ice Blizzaroids from the river surrounding Hibari. As he watched with Chrome from afar Daemon established his confidence in Adelheid naming her the passion of Shimon and explaining how she was responsible for reuniting the originally worthless Simon, and that his plan to manipulate them by possessing Julie Katou wouldn't have worked without her passion. Adelheid then ordered her puppets to attack Hibari, causing him to unleash a wave of bladed chains from his tonfa's. Hibari then proclaimed his pride is something he cannot give up. Hibari continued to defeat many Bliizzaroids with his Vongola Gear using his chains Needle Sphear Form and Handcuffs. Daemon commented that Hibari shared many traits with Vongola Primo's strongest guardian and the first CEDEF External Advisor, Alaude and wondered if this was a second coming of Primo's Family. Hibari then extended his chains with the cloud flame's propagation ability and whirled it around, destroying all Adelheid's remaining Puppets. Hibari turned to Adelheid, ready to destroy the Diamond Castle however, she created another group of ice puppets. When Adelheid asked why he sides with Tsuna, Hibari replied that he didn't and asked back why Adelheid siding with Enma who he calls small animal. Hibari then jumped to the Diamond castle and tried to destroy it with his full power but failed only managing to make a small crack. Hibari then explained that in some cases, small animal aren't weaklings and have their own way to survive. Hibari then used Roll who began propagating from within the cracks he had made, expanding and destroying the castle. Hibari then appeared behind Adelheid with his tonfa held to her throat. Adelheid commented that despite his belief of being uncontrolable he was still the underling of Tsuna. To this he admitted that she had a point, but pointed out that this was only because it allowed him free reign and that he would one day defeat even Tsuna. Hibari then took Adelheids Armband and declared his win.


The Vendice appear to arrest Adelheid and to give the fourth key, an inkwell.


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