Peacock of Serenity

Title Pavone Del Sereno
Name Kuu
Designer Lorenzini
Attribute Sun
Animal Peacock
Users Lussuria
Abilities Healing
Power B
Intelligence A
Speed B
Stamina S
Size 2m ~ 2.5m
Personality Lecherous
  • Sleeping together
  • Tempting
  • Healing Panel
  • Pheromone Panel
Manga Debut Chapter 222
Anime Debut Episode 138

Kuu is a Sun Peacock which is a support-type Box Weapon that clothes its feathers in dazzling glowing Sun Flames. Incidentally, there are times when the Peacock's cry is heard as a shrilling "iya~n". It was first seen when used to heal a group of Varia soldiers.


Peacock Healing

Pavone del Sereno's Healing Panel.

It is possible to provide medical treatment to injured individuals though the Sun Activation Flames exposed from its feathers. Because the area-of-exposure of its Flames is much greater than that of other Sun Box Weapons, it demonstrates a splendid conspicuous service when there are many casualties.

  • Healing Panel: Kuu's healing technique, despite its great efficiency the Activation of the Sun Flames also cause a rapid growth of nails and body hair. It seems that such drawback can be avoided by lowering the power output and, consequentially, the healing speed.


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