Kokuyo Junior High Gang
Emblem | Present | Future (sans Chrome & Flan)
Kokuyo Emblem
Name Kokuyo Junior High Gang
Kanji Title 黒曜
Romaji Title Kokuyo
A.K.A. Kokuyo Gang
Current Boss Mukuro Rokudo
Serving Under Vongola Famiglia

The Kokuyo Junior High Gang or simply Kokuyo is a group led by Mukuro Rokudo and was created after he broke out of the Vendicare Prison. The group consists of the people who escaped from prison with Mukuro, with Chrome and Flan being exceptions, although several of them have not been seen since they were imprisoned after the Kokuyo Arc. They are:


Mukuro Rokudo established this group in order to find Vongola Decimo to execute his plan of destroying the world. Mukuro planned on engulfing the world with darkness, disaster, and war. In order for his plan to work, he needed experience and tried to destroy something smaller than the world, the Mafia, who experimented on him and caused him a lot of pain in the past. He planned to take control of Tsuna and use the Vongola's power to destroy the Mafia. This idea also applied to his plan of destroying the world, taking control of the world's greatest leaders, and starting a World War. The group was formed to execute their plan of destruction and make it possible to achieve the goal. Their plan is foiled when Tsuna enters Hyper Dying Will Mode for the first time and wins the duel against Mukuro. All the surviving escapees are sent back to prison. Eventually, Ken and Chikusa escape with the help of Mukuro in order to help the Vongola and protect Chrome Dokuro. Mukuro is sent back to prison and remains there. Ken and Chikusa are currently stationed at Kokuyo Land. After the battle with Daemon, the Vindice acknowledged Mukuro's efforts and freed him from Vendicare Prison. As a result, Mukuro immediately breaks ties with Tsuna and even declares "war" on Tsuna, resolving to defeat him in the Representative Battle of the Rainbow as Verde's representative. The whole of the Kokuyo Gang, with Flan joining them, and for exception of Chrome who had been kicked out from the gang, becomes Team Verde.


Ken Joshima & Chikusa KakimotoEdit

Ken & Chikusa

Ken Joshima and Chikusa Kakimoto

Ken and Chikusa were a part of the Estraneo Famiglia, the same Famiglia that created the Possession Bullet. After the Possession Bullet became forbidden, the Estraneo Famiglia began conducting their tests on children, treating them as their "guinea pigs." Ken, Chikusa, and a group of other children endured the experiments until Mukuro killed all of his captors and saved them, Ken and Chikusa being the only ones still alive. Ever since that day, Ken and Chikusa follow and have been loyal to only Mukuro. Ken uses teeth cartridges of animals in order to take on their characteristics and fighting abilities, while Chikusa uses yo-yos to fight, and when the yo-yos are in range of an opponent, it launches several needle-like spires at the opponent.


Birds 3


Birds is a cruel, dirty old man that cares and nurtures birds. In return, they follow every command of his. He uses his birds to watch others and listen to their conversations. He blackmails Tsuna in order to prevent them from reaching Mukuro. He enjoys watching people in pain and confused. He is not a large physical threat; however, by using blackmail, he can manipulate people and force them to do unspeakable things.




Lancia was once homeless, but a Mafia Famiglia brought him in and raised him. In return, he rose and became a bodyguard until he was renowned as the strongest man in Northern Italy. He cared for Mukuro Rokudo when his Famiglia took him under their wing and raised him, just as they did with himself. However, Mukuro possessed him and killed off the entire Famiglia. He is sent to prison for Mukuro's actions and acts as a double in order for Mukuro to remain safe and in hiding. He possesses a large metal ball (a mace-like weapon) with snake shaped carvings in it to pull his opponents in front of the ball, being well-versed in hand-to-hand combat as well. He, however, has a good heart and Tsuna sees this in their fight, Tsuna later on stating to Lancia that he didn't look like he wanted to hurt him.

Bloody TwinsEdit

Bloody Twins

The Bloody Twins

The Bloody Twins are serial killers that use stealth to sneak up on their prey and "slice" them up using their abnormally long fingernails. They were sent to kill Haru and Kyoko if Tsuna and his friends did not agree with Birds' terms.




The only girl in the Kokuyo Junior High Gang until Chrome joined. She uses her Nunchuku Clarinet as a weapon in battle. With her Clarinet, she can make microwaves to fry, detonate, and destroy her opponent's body. She is self-centered and only cares about herself, money, and possibly Mukuro. She, like Lancia, is also well versed in hand to hand combat.

Chrome DokuroEdit

Returned Chrome 2

Chrome Dokuro

Chrome is the one of the newest members of the group. She acted as Mukuro’s vessel to connect him with the world outside Vendicare Prison while he was imprisoned. After Mukuro was freed from the Vendicare Prison, she was kicked out of Kokuyo Land and was not part of Verde's Representative Battle of the Rainbow team that was composed of all the other members of the Kokuyo Gang. However, she rejoined the gang after the third day of Representative Battle. She was originally a girl named Nagi and was saved by Mukuro when she was on verge of death due to traffic accident as a result of trying to save a cat, which cost her right eye and some of her organs. Since then, she survives via Mukuro's illusionary organs and uses the same trident as Mukuro's as her weapon in battle. She is also capable to use two of Mukuro's six skills; the first path and the third path, since he shares her body and joined Tsuna’s Guardians as the co-Mist Guardian, like a spokesperson for Mukuro.




Flan is the newest and the youngest member of the Kokuyo Gang who originated from Jura, France, joining just before the Representative Battle of the Rainbow to join Team Verde. He plays a similar role as to his future self in the Varia; he boldly and bluntly throws insults at his comrades. They were also proudly called by Verde as the "Illusionist Duo," who together defeated 5 members of the other teams in 10 minutes .


  • Chrome and Flan are the only members of the gang who don't participate in the battle with Tsuna and his Guardians during the Kokuyo Arc and had no connection with the Mafia before becoming part of the gang.
  • In cover chapter 271, Future Flan was included comically lying on the ground and wore the Kokuyo uniform, implying that Future Flan was still part of the gang even though he has joined Varia, as he was Mukuro's disciple then. This is further hinted on the manga cover, as it states that "they [the Kokuyo Gang] have come together once more... With newcomers!"
  • Despite now living separately from the gang, Chrome is still considered as a member of Kokuyo Gang, proven in the team's introduction in chapter 354 and also in every manga volumes extra (excluding volume 37-39), Pineapple Tsushin, that exclusively for Kokuyo members only.
  • M.M once stated that Mukuro's payment is the best and even stated that Varia's payment is cheaper, implying that Kokuyo Gang have lots of money. However, during Chrome's stay in Kokuyo Land, they only buy snacks to eat and in Drama CD, their monthly allowance is only 500 Yen that it even took Ken three days to decide what food he should bought because they're very careful to spend the money.
  • In Everyone's Daily Life Activities, it's revealed that once a month Kokuyo Gang is holding an osoji (house cleaning) by cleaning the Kokuyo Land more thoroughly than usual. All members are required to clean the entire place, except Mukuro who is only relaxing while watching them cleaning.

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