Kokuyo Arc

Kokuyo Arc

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Manga Chapters 62 - 81
Anime Episodes 20 - 26
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The Kokuyo Arc is the second story arc of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! series. It follows Tsuna and his Family's attempt at saving Fuuta and stop the Kokuyo Junior High Gang.

Plot OverviewEdit

List CountdownEdit

Mukuro beats Hibari

Hibari trapped in the Sakura Trees

At the beginning of the arc, several members of the Disciplinary Committee were attacked around town each of them losing a number of teeth. One day (on his way to school) Ryohei encountered one of the assailants who challenged him to a fight. On the way to school Tsuna and Reborn met Hibari who told them that Ryohei had been attacked. Tsuna and Reborn went to the hospital to visit him and discovered that he had several broken bones and had five teeth pulled out. Ryohei also confirmed that his attacker was from Kokuyo Middle School and asked Tsuna to keep the fight a secret from Kyoko. Other students from Namimori were also being attacked so Hibari decided to confront the gang and left for Kokuyo Land. At the hideout Hibari defeated several students and confronted the leader who claimed to be the new order in town. Hibari suddenly started to collapse. The leader commented that he had prepared several Sakura flowers as he knew of Hibari's weakness. He then started beating Hibari into a pulp. Unknown to Hibari, Fuuta was watching from a corner.

Hayato Gokudera vs Chikusa Kakimoto (1st)Edit

At this point Leon's tail fell off to which Reborn commented that it was a bad sign. Leon also started losing control of his shape. The Vice chairman of the Disciplinary Committee was then brought in wounded. Reborn noticed that he had four teeth missing and stated that they were targeting Tsuna. He explained that the number of teeth lost was a countdown of the strongest students at Namimori according to Fuuta's ranking. Tsuna then panicked after seeing who
Gokudera Protects Tsuna

Gokudera protecting Tsuna

the next two targets were and went to warn them while Reborn went to get information from Dino. While walking through the street Gokudera encountered a member of Kokuyo named Chikusa who attacked and killed two bystanders using poisonous darts. Gokudera ran around a corner and attacked Chikusa using Dynamite. However Chikusa diffused all of them using his yoyos and attacked again. Upon dodging the attack Gokudera asked which family Chikusa was with to which Chikusa was able to confirm that he was a member of the Vongola and began interrogating him as to his boss's whereabouts. Gokudera tried using Dynamite again but was surrounded by Chikusa's darts. He was able to dodge again using mini bombs to propel himself towards Chikusa who dodged his attack. Gokudera threw Dynamite once more but included mini bombs in order to confuse Chikusa who was caught in an explosion. Tsuna then arrived to warn Gokudera, who (believing himself to have won) gave away Tsuna's position as the Tenth boss of Vongola. Chikusa revealed himself to be grievously wounded but conscious and attacked Tsuna. However Gokudera stepped in the way taking the attack and falling unconscious. Yamamoto arrived just in time to push Tsuna away from another attack and upon noticing Gokudera, cut Chikusa's yoyo with his Katana. Upon noticing the police's arrival Chikusa then retreated.

Gokudera was then taken to Doctor Shamal who began treating him. Reborn arrived and claimed that the identity of the attackers were three escaped prisoners who had recently enrolled to Kokuyo and that their leader Rokudo Mukuro was responsible for uniting the school hoodlums. According to Reborn the three escaped inmates had been cast out by the mafia. Reborn then revealed a letter from The 9th Vongola Boss stating that Tsuna must capture the escaped inmates and rescue their prisoner. While contemplating the news on the way home Tsuna was surprised to find Gokudera seemingly recovered (it was later revealed that Shamal had given him a cure with a side effect). They were then joined by Bianchi and Yamamoto. Reborn then claimed to know the enemies location. While back at home preparing, Reborn warned Tsuna that his other pupils had near death experiences while Leon was in his state. He also reminded Tsuna that he wouldn't be fighting as the orders were for Tsuna and that in his state Leon could only make one more Dying Will Bullet. The five then set out for Kokuyo Land.

Kokuyo Land InvasionEdit

Upon arrival Tsuna remembered being brought there before when he was younger and was volunteered by Reborn to lead the way. Tsuna remembered being close to an exhibit of Flora and Fauna but couldn't see it. At that moment they were attacked by a pack of dogs, however they were revealed to be dead already. Suddenly a feral like figure pounced at Yamamoto knocking him to the ground which caved in. The figure then jumped into the hole after him. Reborn deduced that the Flora and Fauna exhibit had been buried under the dirt bellow them and that they would be unable to help Yamamoto without the exhibit collapsing around him.

Yama vs Ken

Ken vs Yamamoto

Down in the hole although Yamamoto was ok the figure revealed himself to be one of the escaped inmates (Ken Joshima) and put something in his mouth. He then ricocheted from wall to wall and attempted to bite Yamamoto who defended himself with his sword. However in the process the sword was broken. Ken then revealed that he was able to change his abilities to those of many animals by putting their fangs into his mouth. As a demonstration he activated his Kong channel and used his increased strength to throw Yamamoto. Ken then used his Wolf channel and while Yamamoto was unable to see him in the dark Ken was able to smell the blood of the dogs he had thrown at them earlier. Reborn noted that Yamamoto was being especially careful to avoid injury due to his love of baseball. Tsuna then blamed himself for bringing Yamamoto along to which Reborn kicked him into the hole. Ken instantly switched targets but was stopped by Yamamoto who threw a rock at the back of his head. Ken swapped to Cheetah channel and charged at Yamamoto dodging his second rock and biting his arm. However Yamamoto used this opportunity to strike Ken in the head using his sword handle leaving Ken seemingly defeated. Yamamoto then commented that an arm was a fine sacrifice to protect a friend. They then tied up Ken and climbed out of the hole. Yamamoto was bandaged and given a new bat. However Ken then revealed that he had been playing possum in case they tried to interrogate him but claimed that it wouldn't matter as Mukuro would defeat them all. Bianchi silenced him by dropping a boulder on his head. Reborn also showed the group a prison photo of Mukuro, who unknown to them looked nothing like the leader of the gang.

Bianchi vs M.M.Edit

MM Using Her Nunchaku Clarinet

M.M vs Bianchi

Meanwhile Chikusa woke up at Kokuyo land and revealed to Mukuro that he had been in contact with the Vongola. Mukuro stated that he already knew and claimed that reinforcements had arrived. The group continued to travel until stopping for lunch. Suddenly an odd noise was heard and the food started to bubble and explode. After taking cover Gokudera threw Dynamite in the attacker's direction. However a girl in Kokuyo uniform with a clarinet, emerged from the explosion unharmed introducing herself as M.M. Bianchi then stepped up to fight and pointed out that the sound-waves from the clarinet creates vibrations that heat up the molecules within a target causing them to explode. Bianchi then charged at M.M. using her poison cooking as a shield. However M.M. revealed that the clarinet was also a Nunchuku and used it to knock Bianchi over. However, as she placed the clarinet to her lips in order to finish Bianchi off she realized that the clarinet had been poisoned. Gokudera then revealed to the others that Bianchi is capable of turning anything she touches to poison and that she had already touched the clarinet. M.M. then collapsed to the ground in disbelief.

Birds and Bloody Twins AppearsEdit

Birds 3

Birds appears

At that moment an old man with several birds on his shoulders, appeared behind them cackling and revealing his name to be Birds. He then showed them a laptop with live video of Kyoko and Haru and claimed that they were being targeted. He pointed out that two figures were watching the girls and claimed that they were the serial killers known as the Bloody Twins. He claimed that they were under his orders not to touch the girls as long as the Vongola followed his orders. As a test he ordered the others to beat up Tsuna. While they discussed it he showed them the Twin's ability to cut metal with their fingernails. Although the others refused Bianchi was glad to punch Tsuna as it was her original aim to assassinate him.
I-Pin's Kick

I-Pin defeated Djiji

Even so, she held back her punch. However Birds demands were not over as he produced a dagger and demanded that they stab Tsuna. Eventually Tsuna decided to do it himself, unaware that the blade was poisoned. However before he could stab his leg Dr Shamal appeared to aid Kyoko and Adult I-Pin and Lambo saved Haru. They revealed that they had both been ordered by Reborn. Shamal and I-Pin then defeated the Twins and before Birds could escape he was knocked unconscious by Gokudera. Reborn then revealed that he had always known about the others but wasn't aware they would appear as well. At that moment Bianchi noticed someone in the shadows and told them to reveal themselves. The person revealed himself to be Fuuta who (with a distressed voice) told Tsuna that he was staying with Mukuro and ran into the forest. Tsuna chased him but the others were stopped by a flying girder that blocked their path. The girder was shown to be thrown by a tall man carrying a huge ball and chain with his face covered.

Tsunayoshi Sawada vs Fake MukuroEdit

Meanwhile as he was looking in the woods for Fuuta, Tsuna ran into a Kokuyo student who claimed to have been held prisoner by the gang. Tsuna was unaware however that the student was in fact the gang leader. During the conversation he took a strange interest in Reborn and his abilities demanding information while revealing a strange symbol in his right eye. Tsuna was promptly spooked and ran off again giving the gang leader apparent amusement. Chikusa then appeared from the shadows and pointed out that Reborn must be an Arcobaleno with a special ability.

Lancia with Steel Serpent Ball

Mukuro appears, prepares to kill Tsuna and his friends

Meanwhile the man with the ball and chain revealed himself to be the Mukuro from the photo but claimed to be unaware of anyone named Fuuta. With great strength he began swinging the massive ball and chain through the air causing Gokudera to collapse due fear of being hit and the side effect of Shamals treatment. Yamamoto then stood up to fight but when Mukuro used a palm thrust to hurl the ball towards him Yamamoto found it impossible to avoid and was sent flying. However he stood up again as he had used his bat as a shield. Mukuro then used the same attack as before but Yamamoto threw up a cloud of dust allowing him to see the air currents and avoid the attack. Reborn deduced that the air currents were the result of the snake shaped groves in the ball that create a violent turbulence. Mukuro remained calm and this time threw the ball high in the air before thrusting it forwards with both hands and adding spin. As a result Yamamoto was dragged into the current and knocked unconscious by the ball. Bianchi then stepped forwards with poison cooking at the ready; however Mukuro claimed to have used less than thirty percent of his power.

Tsuna finally arrived on the outskirt of the trees and upon spotting Bianchi defending the others shouted out to Mukuro but was too scared to approach him. Mukuro simply decided to finish of the others first and prepared to attack. Reborn then used the last Dying Will Bullet on Tsuna who held back the attack with his bare hands. Tsuna continued to avoid Mukuro’s chain ball attacks and finally threw one of them back at him sending him flying into a pile of rubble. However Mukuro emerged with only minor wounds claiming that his true power was in hand to hand. Distracting Tsuna by throwing the ball into the air Mukuro struck with a number of attacks before placing Tsuna beneath the falling weapon. However Tsuna was still alive and rose from rubble claiming that Mukuro didn’t have the will to kill him. Angered that Tsuna thought he knew him Mukuro struck out but Tsuna dodged the final attack and struck Mukuro again causing him to collapse on his knees. While returning to his normal self Tsuna explained that Mukuro had always used his weapon to finish his opponents as opposed to his bare hands and closed his eyes so he wouldn’t need to see it. Tsuna thought that Mukuro was like Lambo as even though he was unreasonable you couldn’t help but like him. Mukuro was surprised that Tsuna could see through his act but could see the Vongola’s blood in him. He then revealed the shocking truth, that he was Mukuro’s double who had been manipulated behind the scenes.

Two vs TwoEdit

After left Lancia who was poisoned by Chikusa to not reveal anymore information, Tsuna and the others went inside Kokuyo building and on the way, they encountered Chikusa who then once again fight Gokudera. Gokudera used his smoke bomb to let Tsuna and the others went upstairs while he prevent Chikusa from chasing them. When Tsuna and the others arrived at the theater, they met the student who Tsuna recognized as one of the student who held captive. However, Bianchi realized that he is the real Mukuro that Lancia had told them. Fuuta suddenly appeared and stabbed Bianchi on her stomach with Mukuro's trident when she approached him. This shocked Tsuna who then attacked by Fuuta but able to dodged it and realized that he was controlled by Mukuro. Tsuna brought out Dino's whip and rushed to Mukuro to stop his mind control but unable to do it due to his lack of using the whip and once again attacked by Fuuta while Mukuro laughed at his attempt.

Hibari defeats Ken

Hibari knocks out Ken

Meanwhile, Gokudera was heavily injured by Ken who attacked him from behind when Gokudera's attention focused on Chikusa. Gokudera then fell downstairs with heavy bleeding. One of Birds's birds appeared and said that Gokudera was beaten and Gokudera cursed the bird until he heard the bird began singing Namimori School anthem and noticed Hibari's tonfa on the ground. Ken and Chikusa approached him with Ken laughed at him when Gokudera threw his dynamite to the wall behind him. Gokudera only smiled and as the smoke cleared, revealing the injured Hibari who then said to Gokudera to let him handle the rest, which Gokudera agreed to. Ken used his Lion Channel and attacked Hibari but easily defeated by him and was tossed out of the window.

Mukuro Face-offEdit

Back at Tsuna's place, Tsuna realized as Fuuta attacked him that his gaze was similar like Lancia and told him that it was not his fault and that he is not alone. Fuuta stopped attacking as he cried and fainted, finally freed from the mind control. Tsuna then angrily asked what people are to Mukuro. Mukuro simply and playfully said that they were toys. This enraged Tsuna who then attacked him furiously but unable to hurt him and instead he was the one who hurt by him and noticed there's a Dying Will Flame on his right eye. The symbol in Mukuro's eye then changed and the ground started to crumbled and made Tsuna panic but Reborn able to get him back to his senses, realized that it was only an illusions. Mukuro then explained about his power, The Six Paths of Reincarnations that he received from his past lives (In anime, Mukuro said that his body has experienced the Six Paths of Reincarnations instead). Reborn then commented that he is a monster and Mukuro replied that he didn't want to heard it from Reborn who is a cursed infant.

Hibari attacks Mukuro

Hibari attacks Mukuro at the last second

Mukuro changed his path again and summoned poisonous snakes to attack Tsuna. However, Reborn interrupted that he's not only raised Tsuna. Mukuro then blocked Hibari's tonfa that was thrown at him and then Gokudera blown out the snakes with his dynamites. Hibari then threw Gokudera to the ground since he already pay his debt and challenged Mukuro once again who amused by it and accepted his challenge. The two clashes each other but then Hibari's wound opened again, prevented him to move. Mukuro decided to end this and used illusions of Sakura trees again to made HIbari kneeled. Hibari seemingly beaten due to the illusions, but then when he was about to stumbled to ground, he attacked Mukuro on his stomach as Gokudera revealed that Hibari already get the cure for Sakura-kura disease and attacked him again, made Mukuro briefly unconscious.

Possession Bullet & Rebuke BulletEdit

Possesion Bullet Shot

Mukuro shot himself with his gun

When Gokudera and Tsuna celebrated their victory, Mukuro awoke and brought out his gun, shooting himself with it. Reborn and Gokudera assumed that Mukuro chose die rather than being captured, however, Tsuna felt uneasy, Bianchi suddenly wakes up and requests Gokudera to help her but Tsuna warns him to stay away from her. Bianchi then attacks Gokudera with Mukuro's trident and is revealed to be possessed by Mukuro who claims he is back from hell.

Mukuro explains that he had used one of the Six Paths of Reincarnation and demonstrated it again by leaving Bianchi's body. Gokudera then stood up and offered Tsuna his help but then Tsuna realized that Gokudera also had being possessed by Mukuro as he is nearly stabbed by the trident. Mukuro shows surprise as it was the first time someone saw through his possessions. Reborn remembered the gun that Mukuro used and concluded that Mukuro was using a forbidden bullet, the Possession Bullet that was created by the Estraneo Family as he asked how he had it because the information on its creation was destroyed. Mukuro simply replied because it belonged to him as he continued to attack Tsuna with Ken and Chikusa both of whom are also possessed by Mukuro.

Tsuna struggles to dodge the attacks as he pleads that he is scared and had enough of fighting until Reborn
Leon Creating The X-Gloves

Leon in process producing new items for Tsuna

slapped him and said that he able to defeat Mukuro if he is confident in his will to win. Mukuro commented that Reborn had gone mad to trust his student who already lost his will who, to him, was never suit to become part of mafia. However, Tsuna then confesses that he wanted to defeat Mukuro, who had hurt his friends and many innocent people. Leon responded to Tsuna's will and began to make items for Tsuna just like when Dino received his whip and Enzio. When Leon finishes the items, they turn out to be a pair of mittens, Mukuro attacks Tsuna again, but the trident was blocked by something inside Tsuna's mittens. Tsuna opened his mittens and from inside, revealing a special bullet.
Hyper Tsuna Awakens

Hyper Dying Will Mode Tsuna

Reborn ordered Tsuna to give the bullet to him while Mukuro tried to prevent. Reborn commented that he had never seen the bullet before and wanted to try it out. Mukuro who finally gave up possessing Tsuna's body without hurting him, sent dynamites towards Tsuna as Reborn shot the bullet to him. Tsuna fell unconscious with no sign of waking up. Mukuro walks towards him, preparing to possess him. Tsuna, who turned out to be barely conscious began to hear voices of his mother and his friends who encouraged him and lastly Lancia who told him not to give up and not to repeat mistakes like he did, which motivated Tsuna and hold firm his resolve. The mittens transformed and formed X-Gloves and Tsuna entered Hyper Dying Will Mode for the first time as he said that he cannot die in peace until he defeats Mukuro.

Tsunayoshi Sawada vs Mukuro RokudoEdit


Mukuro overpowers Tsuna with Fifth Path

Tsuna, whose fighting skill had improve drastically due to rebuke bullet, easily knocked out the possessed Gokudera, Bianchi, Ken, and Chikusa. Tsuna then told Mukuro to come out since he is still alive and Mukuro did so as he praised Tsuna to improve so quickly. He then decided to use his fifth path, Human path that he hates and the most dangerous skill. He pierced his right eye with his finger until dark aura appeared from his body that represented his fighting spirit. He rushed to Tsuna who quickly troubled due to Mukuro's strength and was threw onto wall as Mukuro mockingly said that he just started warming up.

However, Tsuna able to defended himself with his flames. Mukuro commented that it's useless if Tsuna merely changed his aura, which Tsuna replied that Dying Will Flames is not an aura. Mukuro rushed to Tsuna while saying to show it if the Dying Will Flames is not an aura. Tsuna grabbed his trident and Mukuro felt that the flames was hot, realized it able to cause a damage. Tsuna quickly already behind him before Mukuro realized and punched onto ground and Tsuna said that it's about time he finished warming up.

Mukuro laughed and said that he was happy of his miscalculation because with Tsuna's current power, rather than scheming, he able to attack family directly and cause war between mafias. Reborn asked it that was his goal, but Mukuro denied this because he is not a simple-minded person. He revealed his plan to start a world war by possessing every important person in the world and cleansed the world with its darkness. But he decided to started it with eradicating mafia world. Reborn and Tsuna asked why he so obsessed with mafia and does he hold grudge against them. Mukuro refused to answer this and used his illusion to attack Tsuna. Tsuna who realized it was illusion didn't move since he knew illusions won't hurt people who aware of it but it turned out Mukuro hid rocks behind it and hit Tsuna's eyes, made him in slight bind.

Tsuna strikes Mukuro

Tsuna strikes Mukuro

Mukuro jumped to attack Tsuna from midair but Tsuna able to quickly focus back and flew behind Mukuro in no time, he punched Mukuro from behind and crashed him onto ground. Tsuna approached Mukuro who admitted Tsuna's strength and asked him to kill him as he rather die than being caught by mafia. Tsuna flinched at this and refused as he backed away from Mukuro, who then took this chance and grabbed Tsuna's wrists, made him unable to use his gloves. Mukuro revealed that the reason he sent many assassins to him was in order to draw out Tsuna's true power and commented that Tsuna had done well and could rest as he kicked him onto wall where his trident placed. Before it could scratch Tsuna, however, he used his flames as thrust and flew to Mukuro, grabbed his face as his flames purified Mukuro's aura and crashed onto wall, made him unconscious.

Kokuyo Gang ArrestEdit

Mukuro Distroying the Estraneo Family

Mukuro killed all of his captors at Ken's flashback

After Tsuna defeated Mukuro, Tsuna asked about his friends' condition. Reborn assured him that the medical team already arrived and tended the others wounds including gave the antitode for Lancia who was poisoned. Tsuna sighed in relieve but soon interrupted by Ken and Chikusa who regained their consciousness and struggles to move as Ken shouted to Tsuna not to touch Mukuro. Tsuna asked why they gone so far for Mukuro who possessed and used them like tools, which Chikusa replied not to say like he know everything. Ken said that Mukuro had save them when they were treated as guinea pig and were experimented by their own family. Reborn then realized that they were from Estraneo Famiglia that invented the forbidden Possession bullet. Ken protested that they made it forbidden for their own convenience and because of that, the Estraneo Famiglia was slaughtered and treated like bugs. This made the cornered head of the family began to invented new weapons to survive by using children of the family to be tested. Ken explained how everyday felt like a hell when they were experimented until Mukuro saved them by killing all of his captors and offered them to come with him to cleansed the insignificant world. Ken then shouted that Mukuro is the place where they belong and they won't let anyone to take it away from them. Tsuna who symphatized them after heard their story said that he understood their feelings but he also cannot let his friends hurt because they are the place where he belong.
Vendicare Guards

The Vindice appear to arrest the Kokuyo Gang

Suddenly, three men in black and bandages appeared and chained Mukuro, Ken, and Chikusa. Reborn recognized them as the protector of mafia law, Vendicare. As the Vendicare began to drag Mukuro and his subordinates, Tsuna asked what will they do to them. Reborn said that they will be heavily punished including the other convict who still alive and Lancia and he also warned Tsuna not to get in trouble with them. After Vendicare disappeared along with the Kokuyo gang, the medical team arrived and immediately treated Gokudera and the others who were unconscious and wounded. Tsuna then felt a sudden pain throughout his body which turned out to be the after effect of Rebuke bullet and fainted in exhaustion followed by Reborn who decided to sleep after he praised Tsuna for able to accomplished the ninth's order.

Aftermath Edit

One month after battle at Kokuyo Land, Tsuna and his friends cheered for Yamamoto who played baseball tournament. Gokudera threatened the team who are competing with Yamamoto's team that he will blow them up as he brought out his dynamites and Ryohei cheered by persuading them to quit baseball and join his boxing club instead, which Tsuna commented that either of it were wrong. They soon interrupted by Bianchi's arrival who carries her poison cooking box lunch and made Gokudera fainted after he saw her face. Haru also brought out her box lunch but then Lambo took it and he and I-Pin chasing each other.


Mukuro possessed young boy at baseball tournament

Fuuta giggled at this as he said that he's happy because they were able to gathered around like this. Tsuna smiled, also happy for it but then interrupted by sudden uneasy feeling and looked behind him but saw nothing. His attention then distracted by Lambo's cry and Tsuna confronted him. Reborn then noticed a young boy with his mother walked pass behind him and smirked at him as he said that he seemed lonely and he will take him on any time. The boy stopped walking and replied that someday they will meet again, revealed his right eye with word "six" in it, revealing he was possessed by Mukuro. Reborn turned again to Tsuna and the others who comforted Lambo and laughed together again, thus, ending the Kokuyo Arc.



  • Kokuyo Arc is the only arc in the anime that contains large amounts of bloody scenes; however, since the show is intended for juniors, blood scenes were rarer in later arcs.
  • In the anime, the Bloody Twins seemed to get knocked out; in the manga, it is assumed Shamal and Future I-Pin killed them.
  • In the manga, the Kokuyo Gang took a number of teeth of their victims while in the anime, Kokuyo Gang left a pocket watch with a certain time.


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