Kensuke Mochida


Title Namimori Kendo Club Captain
Gender Male
Status Alive
Date of Birth March 13 (Pisces)
Associated Famiglia Vongola Famiglia
Seiyu Toshinobu Iida
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

Character OutlineEdit

Kensuke Mochida is the captain of the Namimori Kendo Club, and appears to have a chauvinistic attitude towards women. In the future (manga only), he is mentioned by Future Yamamoto as to have a connection to the Vongola.

Plot OverviewEdit

Daily Life ArcEdit

Mochida first appeared with Kyoko Sasagawa, and, as Tsuna was in Dying Will Mode, was easily knocked aside. Later, Mochida witnessed Tsuna asking Kyoko to go out with him, and, after she fled, he attacked Tsuna and chased after Kyoko.

Later on, it is revealed that Mochida told the entire school what happened when Tsuna asked Kyoko to be his girlfriend, and Tsuna becomes the laughing stock of the school. Mochida challenges Tsuna to a Kendo match over who has the right to Kyoko, and when Tsuna initially flees, he laughs. He reveals that just in case Tsuna does take him on, he's rigged the match. Tsuna does return, however, and again he was in Dying Will Mode. Mochida attempts a Kendo strike directly to the forehead, but Tsuna breaks the Kendo sword and headbutts him; however, since the match was rigged, the referee didn't call a point, so Tsuna continuously ripped his hair out until a point was called, allowing Tsuna to win the match easily.

Kokuyo ArcEdit

Mochida is only mentioned in the Kokuyo Arc as having been a recent victim of either Chikusa or Ken.

Future ArcEdit

When Future Yamamoto is briefing Gokudera and Tsuna on the current situation of the Vongola in the future, he (manga only) tells them that he hasn't heard from the Tomaso Famiglia or Mochida in the past two days, implying that in the Future, Mochida has become an associate or even a member of the Vongola.


  • He and Yamamoto carry around their weapons in similar cylindrical bags.
  • Mochida's seiyu is Toshinobu Iida, who also voices Mukuro Rokudo.
  • Mochida is the first one who battled the Dying Will Mode Tsuna.
  • Mochida has the same birthday as Superbi Squalo.
  • He is the first antagonist to appear in the series.


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