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Katekyō Hitman Reborn! Target 1 OST

Hitman OST 1 Booklet 01

Title Katekyō Hitman Reborn! Target 1 OST
Release Date December 20, 2006

Katekyō Hitman Reborn! Target 1 OST is the 1st Soundtrack Album of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! series.

  1. REBORN! The Vongola Mafia's Theme - Toshihiko Sahashi
    REBORN! The Vongola Mafia's Theme
  2. Pleasant - Toshihiko Sahashi
  3. Nonchalant - Katsumi Nagaoka
  4. Daily Life (1) - Toshihiko Sahashi
    Daily Life 1
  5. Daily Life (2) - Katsumi Nagaoka
    Daily Life 2
  6. Heartfelt - Toshihiko Sahashi
  7. Delight - Toshihiko Sahashi
  8. Mysterious - Toshihiko Sahashi
  9. With Anxiety - Toshihiko Sahashi
    With Anxiety
  10. Eventful Outbreak! - Toshihiko Sahashi
    Eventful Outbreak!
  11. Before the Decisive Battle - Toshihiko Sahashi
    Before the Decisive Battle
  12. Fierce Attack! - Toshihiko Sahashi
    Fierce Attack
  13. Pinch! - Toshihiko Sahashi
  14. Battle (1) - Toshihiko Sahashi
    Battle 1
  15. Battle (2) - Toshihiko Sahashi
    Battle 2
  16. Twilight - Katsumi Nagaoka
  17. Bonds Between Friends - Toshihiko Sahashi
    Bonds Between Friends
  18. REBORN! Time for the Last Will! - Toshihiko Sahashi
    REBORN! Time for the Last Will
  19. Now it's Settled! - Toshihiko Sahashi
    Now it's Settled
  20. Hurricane Bomb, Hayato Gokudera - Toshihiko Sahashi
    Hurricane Bomb Hayato Gokudera
  21. School Idol, Kyoko Sasagawa - Toshihiko Sahashi
    School Idol, Kyoko Sasagawa
  22. Dim-witted Girl, Haru Miura - Toshihiko Sahashi
    Dim-witted Girl, Haru Miura
  23. Bovino Family, Lambo - Toshihiko Sahashi
    Bovino Family, Lambo
  24. Adult Lambo - Toshihiko Sahashi
    Adult Lambo
  25. Leader of the Discipline Committee, Kyoya Hibari - Toshihiko Sahashi
    Leader of the Discipline Committee Hibari Kyoya
  26. Poison Scorpion, Bianchi - Toshihiko Sahashi
    Poison Scorpion Bianchi
  27. Human Bomb, I-Pin - Toshihiko Sahashi
    Human Bomb, I-Pin
  28. Michishirube -TV version- - Keita Tachibana
    Michishirube TV

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