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Reborn! (official US title), known as Katekyō Hitman Reborn! (家庭教師ヒットマンREBORN!, Kateikyōshi Hittoman Ribōn!) in Japan, which roughly translates to "Home Tutor Hitman Reborn!", is authored and illustrated by Akira Amano and published in Weekly Shōnen Jump in Japan. In the USA, it was published and licensed by Viz Media, stopping its serialization at volume 17. The series consisted of 203 episodes and 42 volumes.

Plot SummariesEdit

Daily Life ArcEdit

Duration: Manga volumes 1-8, Episodes 1-19, 27-33, and 66-73

The plot of the early chapters (Daily Life Arc), is that an infant named Reborn comes to tutor No-Good (Viz:Loser) Tsuna (Dame-Tsuna) to become the 10th generation Boss of the most powerful Mafia Famiglia in the world, the Vongola Famiglia. Reborn shoots Tsuna with the Dying Will Bullet (Viz: Deathperation Bullet) which removes external limiters and gives Tsuna the "Dying Will" strength to accomplish what he regretted before he "died". The first volumes are episodic chronicles of the different instances that happen after Reborn appears in Tsuna's life, and most are comedic in nature. Tsuna gains more friends, more confidence, and his life all-around improves.

Kokuyo ArcEdit

Duration: Manga volumes 8-10, Episodes 20-26

At the near-beginning of volume 8 through the first chapter of volume 10, prisoners escape from a top-security Mafia prison and are on the loose in Namimori. This is where the plot changes from comedic to a more action-oriented story, as students from Tsuna's middle school are being attacked. Reborn receives orders from the Ninth Vongola Boss that Tsuna was ordered to defeat them. Tsuna and his Family confront the prison escapees and win the battle against them. Three of them turn out to be Mukuro Rokudo and two of his friends, who were formerly a part of the destroyed Estraneo Famiglia. At the end, the escapees are taken away by the keepers of Mafia law, Vindice.

Varia ArcEdit

Duration: Manga volumes 10-16, Episodes 34-65

In this arc, Tsuna and two of his friends meet Basil, a boy about Tsuna's age who is fighting with a Varia member over the Half Vongola Rings that Basil had in his possession. The Varia member gets away with the Rings, but they were revealed to be fakes. Reborn has the real ones, which were mailed to home. This sets into motion a series of 7 battles, each to determine who gets to possess one of the Rings that signify the true core members of Tsuna's 10th generation Vongola Famiglia. Tsuna and his Guardians versus the Xanxus-led Varia. After hard-fought battles, Tsuna and his Guardians emerge holding all seven Rings, making them all official 10th generation Guardians of the Vongola.

Future ArcEdit

Duration: Manga volumes 16-30, Episodes 74-203

In this Arc, Tsuna's Family is blasted 10 years into the future. They find out that the Millefiore Famiglia is trying to get rid of everyone with any ties to the Vongola Famiglia. Tsuna's Family at first gathers all of his core members, then they will launch an assault on the Millefiore's Merone Base, resulting in them picking up some new members. Tsuna and his Guardians are competing in an organized battle with Byakuran and his Six Funeral Wreaths, with the exception of Ghost, the Lightning Funeral Wreath. After the battle was over, with Tsuna's Family being the losers, Tsuna's Family runs, but are forced once again into a battle with Byakuran and his Six Funeral Wreaths. After some Funeral Wreaths were defeated, Ghost arrives, to the battle. Tsuna's Guardians battled Ghost, but Tsuna interrupted them, defeated Ghost, and then battled Byakuran and won. After Byakuran lost, Tsuna and the members of his Family who went to the future return to the past.

Inheritance Ceremony ArcEdit

Duration: Manga volumes 30-36

The Inheritance Ceremony Arc follows one month after the end of the Future Arc when Tsuna and his Family members who went to the future return to the past. After a while, Reborn receives a letter that announces that Tsuna's Family will inherit the reins of the Vongola Famiglia. They meet seven new transfer students from Shimon Middle School, who are part of a Mafia Famiglia called the Shimon Famiglia, who are invited to Tsuna's Inheritance Ceremony as guests. It later turned out that the Simon Famiglia hates the Vongola and only came to obtain the Vongola Sin to restore their powers. During the battle at the Inheritance Ceremony, Enma breaks their Original Vongola Rings and the Simon Famiglia leaves along with Chrome whom they taken as a hostage. Later, when the broken Rings had been fixed and upgraded into the Vongola Gear by Talbot, they soon find out that the Simon had their own island as a base. They go to the island, where they meet the Simon Famiglia; as well as an uninvited guest, the Vindice. The Vindice tells them that when one of the two Famiglia members loses, they will be locked up in the Vendicare Prison forever. During the battle, they found out that Daemon Spade, the first and second generation Vongola Mist Guardian, had manipulated the Simon Famiglia with his lies to remodel Vongola to his taste. After Daemon's defeat, they found out the true motive behind all of Daemon's actions, as well as a peek into the Vongola and Simon Primo's past. The Vindice, as a reward for defeating Daemon, released all of the Simon and Vongola members that were locked up in the Vendicare Prison.

The Curse of the Rainbow ArcEdit

Duration: Manga volumes 36-42
During this arc, it briefly details the Varia's quest to recruit Flan, who was a Varia member in the future. Meanwhile, the Arcobaleno all participate in Representative Battle of the Rainbow, said to be a battle that will remove a single Arcobaleno's curse by the battle royale's organizer, Checker Face, but he has a more sinister goal in mind. A team of Vindice also force their way into the battle, revealing many secrets regarding the Arcobaleno, Vindice, Checker Face, and the Tri-ni-set. After defeating Bermuda and his team and knowing the truth behind the Tri-ni-set, the Vindice agreed to protect the Tri-ni-set using their flames so there will be no more people to be turned into Arcobaleno, and Checker Face, revealed to be Kawahira, removed the curse from the current Arcobaleno in return. Afterwards, Tsuna must face with the decision whether to become the Vongola Decimo or not, which he immediately refused, causing Reborn to leave since his duty is done. A week after Reborn's departure, Tsuna found out that he is still continuing his "No Good" life. However, he was surprised by Reborn's sudden return who declared that he will make him into Neo Vongola Primo, which is actually no different from being Vongola Decimo. At this time, Tsuna understands that even if it's not much, he did change into a better person since now he has friends that he could rely on when necessary and it was all thanks to Reborn's arrival.


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