Inheritance Begins

179 Cover

Keishō Kaishi
Air Date April 10, 2010
Arc Inheritance Succession Arc
Episode 179
Opening Song Listen To The Stereo
Ending Song Famiglia
Episode Guide
The Primo Family Arrives!
The Duty of the Guardian of Rain

Inheritance Begins (継承・開始) is the 179th episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


While Tsuna and his family are observed by their respective Arcobaleno tutors, Colonnello notices that Yamamoto is visibly disturbed by something. The first generation Rain Guardian , Asari Ugetsu, appears in front of Yamamoto and announces that his trial will take part that night at Namimori Shrine . Yamamoto meets Asari and begins their trial. Yamamoto, blaming himself for their loss in the battle of Choice , fights Asari in an aggressive manner and seemingly defeats him. However, Asari announces that Yamamoto has failed the trial, saying that he is unworthy to inherit his power in his current state.


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