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I Want to Win! Instant Awakening

Episode 25 Title

Kachitai! Mezame no Shunkan
Air Date March 31, 2007
Arc Kokuyo Arc
Episode 25
Opening Song Drawing Days (V.2)
Ending Song One Night Star
Episode Guide
Everyone's Counterattack
The End and From Then On

I Want to Win! Instant Awakening (勝ちたい!目覚めの瞬間 ) is the 25th episode of the anime series Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


Tsuna becomes cornered, unwilling to hurt his friends until Leon bursts and reveals some Mittens and a new bullet, the Rebuke bullet. Reborn shoots Tsuna with the new bullet, allowing him to hear others' thoughts and awaken. His Hyper Dying Will Mode is activated, and when Mukuro possesses Gokudera and Bianchi, Tsuna finds a vein on his friends' necks which he hits to temporarily paralyze them, knocking them out and causing Mukuro to not have good enough bodies to possess.


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