Vongola Primo I Gloves

Weapon Gloves
Abilities Levitation, Superior Strength, Releasing Flames
Type Close Combat
Users Giotto
Similar Weapons X-Gloves
Anime Debut Episode 36

The I-Gloves are a pair of special combat gloves used by the Vongola Primo, Giotto. They are similar to Tsuna, the Vongola Decimo's, X-Gloves. They can ignite Sky Flames and can be used for propulsion.


  • The X-Gloves and the I-Gloves have their owner's respective Vongola Boss generation numeral on them. The X-Gloves has the Roman numeral X to represent Tsuna being the 10th Vongola Boss, while the I-Gloves has the Roman numeral I to represent Giotto being the 1st Vongola Boss.
  • When Giotto did not use his I-Gloves for combat, he would use his Mitena di Vongola Primo instead.

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