Hush Before Entering the Hospital

Episode 17 Title

Nyūin Saki de wa Oto o Kese
Air Date Febuary 3, 2007
Arc Daily Life Arc
Episode 17
Opening Song Drawing Days
Ending Song One Night Star
Episode Guide
Escape From the Mountain of Death!
Poisoned Love Chocolates

Hush Before Entering the Hospital (入院先では音を消せ ) is the 17th episode of the anime series Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


Tsuna is recovering from his wounds from the previous episode and discovers that recovering in peace and quiet isn't possible with not only his friends visiting. But the fact that Hibari is in the same hospital.

Tsuna is in a room with bullies and they always commanding Tsuna but when he's gonna obey them, Dino appeared with his subordinates following him. then the nurse came in and scolded Tsuna for having too much guests and switched him to another room. Then, Dino apologized to him and told his subordinates to wait for him outside and Yamamoto appeared with his father and he prepared sushi for Tsuna then Gokudera appeared with sadness.


  • In the manga chapter, Hospitalized, Tsuna gets hospitalized by Enzo crushing on him after being accidentally thrown into a well by Tsuna, using Dino's whip. In the anime however, he was crushed by Enzo on the mountain of death (see previous episode).
  • Tsuna was shifted into a graveyard-theme /horror room in the last in the manga.
  • Haru, Kyoko, I-Pin and Reborn first visited Tsuna when he was hopitalized in the private ward in the manga, not the graveyard-theme /horror room as shown in the anime.


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