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Hidden Bullet: Mukuro's Illusion
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Hidden Bullet: mono.CHROME is the first chapter in the second volume of Reborn! Hidden Bullet novel series. It tells the first meeting between Chrome with Ken and Chikusa.



The story start with Nagi awakes in hospital room. Seeing herself alive, she realizes that her meeting with Mukuro is real and cries in relief and happiness as Mukuro's voice calles out her new name, Chrome.

The EncounterEdit

At Kokuyo shopping district, Ken and Chikusa are taking a stroll as they search for a clue for Mukuro's whereabouts after receiving his message to find "the other him" in Japan. After some times, Ken, who misses Mukuro very much, started to become delusional when seeing a pile of pineapples and tells Chikusa that the pineapples are laughing "kufufu" at him, prompting Chikusa that Ken has lost his mind. Frustrated of his longing for Mukuro, Ken runs away from the district, leaving Chikusa alone, who discreetly feels the same way as Ken.

At a park, Ken decides to take a nap and starts to dream about his past; Not long after running away from the Estraneo lab, while Mukuro had suddenly disappeared, Ken and Chikusa hides in a dark alleyway with fear that the mafia would come and take them back to the horrid world, completely traumatized by the experiment they had experienced. Mukuro suddenly returns with some apples in his arms and offers them to eat. Ken and Chikusa, although grateful of Mukuro for saving them, still wary of him and hesitant accepting the apples. Seeing their hesitance, Mukuro eats the apple carelessly, making Ken and Chikusa drolling. Mukuro then once again offers them the apples, telling them to just eat. This time, Ken and Chikusa eats the apples without hesitation. After this, Ken and Chikusa vows their loyalty to Mukuro.

Awakes from his dream, Ken is surprised to find himself sleeping in a girl's lap and immediately tries to get up, only for his forehead to hit with the girl's forehead. Ken questions the girl of her action, but when seeing her not moving, he thought that she's dead. However, the girl immediately sits up while commenting that it hurts, shocking Ken. Once again, he questions why she did that, to which the girl said Ken looks like he was dying and it would be sad. This shocks Ken even more and berates her actions and thinking, concluding that she's weird. They are interrupted by Ken's a growl from Ken's stomach, much to Ken's embarrassment. Realizing that he's hungry, Chrome offers him an apple. This reminds Ken of his past with Mukuro, when he also offered an apple to him. Ken eats the apple tearfully as he mumbles why, before leaving the park.

The Other MukuroEdit

At Kokuyo Land, Ken tries to forget what happened at the park, only for the girl's face to constantly appear in his mind, frustrating him even more. Shortly after, Chikusa alerts Ken that there's an intruder, prompting them to stay on guard. However, when the intruder comes inside, Ken recognizes the intruder as the same girl that he met at the park, and even more surprised when the girl gave him some foods before she leaves. Chikusa asks Ken whether the girl an acquaintance, a question that Ken himself confused how to answer. Their confusion slowly turns to suspicion since the girl knows about Ken, but Ken didn't. Thinking of the possibilities that the girl is part of mafia and tricking him, Ken goes after the girl for answer. When he goes looks for her, Ken somehow able to see glimpses of the girl's past, and sense Mukuro's presence and calls out for him. When he saw an image that looks like Mukuro, he reaches for it, only to reach the girl instead. The girl then apologizes before suddenly disappears, shocking and confusing Ken of what actually happened. Unbeknowst to him, Chikusa was following him all along and finally realizes that the girl is "the other Mukuro" that they have been informed.

Chikusa concludes what happened a while ago was the same illusion of the first path of Hell that can only be used by Mukuro. He finally understands that what Mukuro meant by looking for the other him is actually means to look for the person that he has possessed by using his sixth path of Heaven. At this realization, Chikusa tells Ken to immediately chase after the girl before she's gone since she's still not Mukuro and has her own will, unlike other people whom Mukuro had possessed. Since Ken is the one who is the easiest to be influenced by the girl's illusion, Chikusa reluctantly triggered Ken's painful memories, resulting with both Ken and Chikusa once again saw the glimpses of the girl's past, this time showing the girl hit by a car in attempt to save a cat and then abandoned by her parents. This made Ken remember and realised that the girl's pain is not so different from his own pain. The illusion fades and Ken and Chikusa finds themselves at the theatre with the girl lying on the sofa.

Chrome DokuroEdit

Relieved at the same time angry that the girl is saved, Ken tells her that he won't forgive her if she disappears. The girl only says that he's warm before passing out. Ken, unable to hold his frustration any longer, punches and lashes out at Chikusa, who apologizes in return. After a while, realizing that Chikusa seeing him still holding the unconscious girl, Ken immediately flustered and tells the girl to wake up, but she only says no before falling asleep again, leaving them no choice but to leave her be until she awakes.

At noon, Chikusa reveals of the girl's background that he had investigated. The girl's name, Chrome Dokuro, was a new name given by Mukuro for her. She comes from a wealthy family, her mother is a famous star, while her step-father is an assistant manager from famous overseas company. Ten days ago, she has a car accident and when she was between life and death, her consciousness met with Mukuro's and she become his visage. Hearing the story, Ken expresses his disatisfaction that she's able to use Mukuro's power, but Mukuro is not with them, stating that he won't accept her even if she is chosen by Mukuro. Chrome then approaches them, telling them that Mukuro ordered her to accompany them as his replacement until he is freed, irritating Ken even more. Hearing that Chrome would be Mukuro's replacement, Ken cuts her hair to that of Mukuro's, claiming that seeing the hairstyle everyday would make him feels that Mukuro is with them.

Seeing Chikusa's skeptical and dissapproving look, Ken becomes annoyed and shouts at him if he has any problem with it, outwardly denying that he's doing it for Chrome's connection with Mukuro. Chrome suddenly stands up, surprising Ken, who thinks that Chrome dislike the hairstyle and is looking for a fight, ready with his fighting stance. However, Chrome only asks is there any food for dinner. When Ken replies that the only foods they have are the ones that she has given to him, Chrome leaves the room for dinner, leaving dumbfounded Ken and silent Chikusa. 

At her room, Chrome feels gratitude towards Mukuro for not only the first one to accept her, but also for giving her a new name, a place where she truly belongs, and precious things that are irreplacable. She then quietly thanks Mukuro, for giving her happiness.

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