The Prince's Great Escape

Prince's Escape

ouji no dai dassou
Volume 4th Hidden Bullet
Chapter Guide

Hidden Bullet: The Prince's Great Escape is a novel of the 4th volume of the Reborn! Hidden Bullet Novel series, telling the story of Dino finding a person resembling Belphegor and the Varia attempting to find Belphegor, who was also missing.


The first day, Belphegor runs away from the Varia because he's afraid of getting a medical treatment for his cavities and escapes through an alley, though he doesn't get far since he passed out due to the pain coming from his mouth after chewing his lips together, humiliated by his cavities, and running away at the same time. Coincidentally, Dino and Romario happened to pass him by when Belphegor collapsed. Some Varia underlings who had been following Belphegor confronted Dino, who gets ready for a fight, but is discouraged by Romario, who points out that if the enemies found out that they're about to fight the "Bucking Horse" Dino, there would be an uproar by the other Mafia Familgias. Dino and Romario retreated with Bel whilst the Varia also withdraws and returned to their headquarters.

When Squalo found out that the Varia underlings couldn't capture Belphegor, he gets so angry that he kicked a chair so hard enough for it to hit the ceiling. He told them that if Xanxus discovers that Belphegor had run away because he was afraid of the treatment, they, including Squalo, would be dead meat since they let Bel escape.

The second day, Bel wokes up at Dino's place. Dino attempts to find out what was going on by asking him many questions, but Dino can't get a word out of Belphegor because he can't move his mouth because of his cavities, though Dino is oblivious. Romario tried to convince Dino that the boy in front of them was "Prince the Ripper", Belphegor, but Dino ignored him, saying that the boy's probably just a fan "Prince the Ripper" and that he looks nothing like him.

Squalo and Belphegor

Squalo bringing Belphegor back

The third day, Squalo kicked a chair to the ceiling once more. The Varia discussed on how to treat cavities. They've concluded that to stop the cavities, you would have to tie the infected tooth to a string and forcefully pull it out, but Leviathan suggests that he just punch the tooth out.

The fourth day, Belphegor is somehow covered in scratches and bruises and gets a nosebleed from pain from his cavity.

The fifth day, Belphegor left Dino's house and hides in the harbor warehouse district, suffering from hunger, fatigue, pain, and sleep. Belphegor considered going to the dentist, but doesn't want to be seen with his swollen mouth. Dino then finds Belphegor and attempts to take him back, but as they fought they both fell into the sea.

The sixth day, Leviathan practices rifle-shooting, as that was his solution for getting rid of the cavities, as the rest of the Varia wondered where Belphegor is.

The seventh day, Belphegor and Dino are washed away onto a deserted island. Belphegor swings a knife to the throat of Dino, but stops in the middle of the swing, feeling strange. Belphegor happily celebrates, as his cavity had gone whilst in the seawater. The Varia then arrived and took Belphegor back; Dino was just left there on the island, never realizing that Belphegor had recovered from his cavities.

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