Guardians' Banquet

Guardians' Banquet

Shugoshatachi no Banketto
Volume 4th Hidden Bullet
Chapter Guide
Millefiore Panic

Guardians' Banquet is the 4th Hidden Bullet novel. The story took place in Namimori Middle School, where Tsuna's Guardians planned to have a celebration for their victory over the Ring Conflict by holding a neighborhood party.


Gokudera's IngredientsEdit

The story starts with Gokudera in the backyard of Namimori-Middle, reading while waiting boiling dashi. He revealed to himself as he took out the ingredients that he wants to strengthen his bond with Tsuna by making nabe for him. While he mumbles to himself, Lambo arrives and rushed to Gokudera but then trips, to which Gokudera ignores until Lambo was about to cry. Gokudera wipes off mud from Lambo's cloth as he asked what Lambo was doing here. But before Lambo could answer, Gokudera tells him to go away from the place. It was then that Lambo noticed the nabe that's been boiling and asked what's in it. Gokudera shouts at him to stay away from the pot because the stuff inside is for Tsuna to eat as he tells him a grand story of adventure and action-packed scenes about him: He tells about himself walking through the dense forest, climbing a cliff, cur mounting the waterfall in front of the rapid, fighting against aggressive man-eating bear, and finally a "Master of Mountain that protecting vegetables mountain."

Lambo's and Ryohei's IngredientsEdit

Afterwards, Lambo decides to make the nabe tastier by throwing a hand grenade into the pot. Just when it about to enter the pot, Gokudera catched the grenade and immediately threw it as far as possible. Not finished yet, Lambo brought out a candy from his afro hair and threw it inside that too late for Gokudera to prevent. This greatly angers Gokudera and starts to roughly shakes Lambo as he shouts protests at him. He stopped when Ryohei arrived, who he guessed that he's training and offers him to join his boxing club, much to Gokudera's retorts. When Ryohei noticed the pot, he offered to put some gum inside as one of the ingredients since he's on a diet and gum won't hinder his diet.

When Lambo starts to picking up Gokudera and they argues, Ryohei was just about to put the gum inside until Chrome suddenly appears out of nowhere, surprising them.

Chrome's IngredientEdit

Chrome gave Tofu

Chrome gives Gokudera a tofu

Gokudera about to ask what is she doing here like they do but was interrupts by Ryohei who starts to misspelled Chrome's name as "Creme Dokuro", "Grape Dokuro", and so on. As Gokudera tells Ryohei Chrome's proper name, they felt uneasy when Chrome silently and steadily watching them with blank face. Gokudera finally couldn't hold it any longer with her gaze and asks her straight to point, to which Chrome replies that they could die. Gokudera surprises and asks what did she meant and she pointed at the gum, syaing that if they put the gum in the pot, it would block their throat and their breathing. This stuns them who asks her again is she serious and Chrome nods, saying that gum could be life-threatening. Ryohei quickly and dramatically thanks her for saving his life. Chrome replies that dying is bad. When the contents of the pot starts to over-boil, Gokudera quickly turns off the fire as Chrome offers him a tofu as ingredient for nabe. Gokudera suspicious at first but when he realizes there are no poison, Gokudera comments that it was better than the gum but he still won't allows her to put it in. However, Chrome didn't listen to this and about to put the tofu, only to have it spoiled over onto ground because of Gokudera's attempt to take it away from her. Trying to hide his guilt, Gokudera shook Lambo when he laughs at him. Chrome runs off from the place, much to Gokudera's puzzlement but decides to continue with the nabe.

Yamamoto's & Hibari's IngredientsEdit

This time, Yamamoto arrrives with plenty of seafoods for the ingredients, much to their amazement. Yamamoto about to put the seafoods but realizes that the meat inside the pot hasn't been sliced. He slices the meats along with the fishes into pieces with Shigure Kintoki, making it a sashimi. Yamamoto decides not to put the sashimi inside because he thinks it would be better without it and decides to eat it with Lambo and Ryohei. All the while they enjoying the sashimi, Gokudera became exhausted by the non-stop interference and this is worsen when Hibari arrives to stop the nabe party since they doing it in Namimori-Middle without his permission and briefly fights Gokudera, Ryohei, and Yamamoto, which resulting with their loss. But Gokudera stands again when Hibari about to confiscate the nabe, the three stood and manages to stops Hibari but unfortunately, the nabe was spilled all over due to Gokudera's dynamites, making him distresses. Hibari readies to continue the fights when Gokudera able to injured him a bit but Reborn stops him.

The NabeEdit

It is revealed that Reborn was the one who planned the nabe party and the one who called Chrome, Lambo, Ryohei, and Yamamoto here because if it was only Tsuna and Gokudera, it wouldn't be called a Famiglia, much to Gokudera's embarrassment who thought it was only him and Tsuna. Reborn leaves the rest to them while he and Hibari gone to "play". Shortly after, Haru and Kyoko arrives with ingredients from supermarket for the nabe, making Gokudera's mood brighten and decides to start all over again. However, when they were about to finish the nabe, Bianchi arrives, carrying a refrigerator with her. She says that Reborn tells her about the nabe party and decides to help to by bringing an ingredients with fish-like name. At first, Gokudera oblivious of what she meant until he realizes that the refrigerator is enough to put one person inside. Bianchi continues that Gokudera seems to have fun to make nabe for Tsuna's sake and an opportunity to let Tsuna eat yummy things (meaning for her to gain opportunity to get rid of Tsuna). The story ends with Gokudera opens the refrigerator that reveals Tsuna inside and Gokudera screams his name in horror.


  • Guardians' Banquet has been the only Hidden Bullet novel to be adapted into a Drama CD.

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