Gokudera's Worst Day Ever

Gokudera's Worst Day

Gokudera no Saiaku no Hi Made
Arc Daily Life Arc
Volume 5th Hidden Bullet
Chapter Guide
Hidden Bullet: Extreme Memories
Treasure Hunter Dino (Part I)

Hidden Bullet: Gokudera's Worst Day Ever is the second story of the 5th volume of the Reborn! Hidden Bullet Novel series, telling the story of Gokudera's worst day ever.


The story takes place in the Daily Life Arc after Tsuna and his Guardians were training in the death mountain area, in the hospital. Gokudera tries his best to pretend to be energetic in front of Tsuna even though he's hurt, because he doesn't want Tsuna to worry about him, but that caused Tsuna to be transferred to another ward instead because he was too noisy. Haru tells Gokudera that he was under a curse, and that he would eventually harm Tsuna if the curse continued. The only way to stop the curse was to obtain a straw doll from Lambo, who refused to give it to him, causing a big uproar. Gokudera has to disguise himself as a doctor in the hospital, wearing a surgical mask and a doctor's coat.

He then encounters Dino, who couldn't recognize him, and attacks him because of his disguise. Eventually Gokudera ran away using his dynamite, but he stumbled into Hibari's ward and interrupted his sleep; Gokudera, already weak from his previous injuries even before Dino attacked him, was attacked by Hibari.
Gokudera and Haru

Haru finds Gokudera

The dynamites from before cause a fire that triggered the hosing system in the hospital; the water then caused Enzo to grow bigger and collapse through the ceiling when Hibari and Gokudera are fighting. Both of them are buried under the rubble, and Haru was kneeling at the ward door crying. Hibari managed to come out of the rubble, seemingly unscathed, and left. Haru tries to find Gokudera amist the remains of the ceiling, and found him severely hurt but still alive.

It was then that Haru confessed that she had lied to Gokudera about the curse, that she only wanted Gokudera and Lambo to get along, since they were always fighting. Gokudera, too tired to be angry, asks her why she decided to tell him about the curse being fake. Haru answers to Gokudera that if he was hurt, Tsuna would be sad, herself as well, and also because he is her friend. Haru then tells Gokudera to head back to his ward, but Gokudera, too embarrassed by her reason a while ago, instead mutters that Haru was annoying, calling her stupid. From this, they get into a heated argument.

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