Extreme Memories

Extreme Memories

Kyokutan'na omoide
Volume 5th Hidden Bullet
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Gokudera's Worst Day Ever

Extreme Memories is the first chapter of the 5th volume of Reborn! Hidden Bullet Novel series. The story focuses on Ryohei's past when he was in the first grade, and how he first met Hibari.


The Beginning ~ InizioEdit

The chapter started half a month after the Kokuyo Arc. Hibari was seen beating 100 people in the school who were holding a grudge against Hibari for beating them up and heard thought that it was their right opportunity to defeat him when they heard Hibari was weakened during Kokuyo raid, which is wrong thought. From afar, Yamamoto and Gokudera watched the event with amazement and argued regarding Hibari whom Yamamoto considered as a friend while Gokudera strongly disagreed. Yamamoto then asked why Gokudera is here. Gokudera replied that he's using Hibari as one of his tactic, confusing Yamamoto. At this time, Ryohei's voice was heard from the rooftop and Gokudera immediately hiding in a bush. Apparently, Ryohei had invited Gokudera and was rather insistent on it after knowing Gokudera's role in Kokuyo raid.

Gokudera explained to Yamamoto that his tactic was to make Ryohei watch Hibari's fight and ask him to join boxing club since Ryohei always invite anyone strong into his club and then he will leave him alone. Yamamoto, however, said that it was impossible. Gokudera asked what he meant and accidently revealed himself to Ryohei who immediately rush to him and claimed that a boxer has a kinetic vision, which is the reason he could immediatey found Gokudera. As Ryohei approached him, Gokudera hastily pointed at Hibari as he had planned but surprisingly, Ryohei set it aside and tried to persuade Gokudera to join his club again. Gokudera quickly run away, followed by Ryohei who's chasing after him while Yamamoto only watch. Changing the scene, Hibari already defeated all 100 men unscathed, making Yamamoto wondered why Ryohei never tried to recruit Hibari and then decided to ask his baseball club senpai about it.

The Past ~PassatoEdit

The story changed backward to Ryohei's time when he first entered Namimori Middle School. Ryohei decided to restart the boxing club and had gained many recruits from his efforts and prepared for the match against Hisui Middle-School. The time skip again to one day after school, Ryohei called out Hibari and challenged him, which making Hibari bored and commented that Ryohei was insistent. Ryohei wasn't bothered by this and instead asked Hibari to become his boxing club friend. Hibari silently refused all the while be patience with Ryohei's persistent until Ryohei shouted out loud, breaking Disciplinary Committee law not to disturb the quiet of Namimori Middle. Hibari brings Ryohei to the rooftop.

Ryohei vs Kusakabe

Ryohei fought Kusakabe

After another time skip, Hibari was sleeping on the rooftop and woke up as Ryohei arrived with medical kit to heal his injuries and commented that Hibari really's strong just like the rumor had said. It revealed that until sometime ago, Ryohei had been behind the school building, exchanging punches with the wrong Hibari. Ryohei then noticed the real Hibari and apologized for disturbing his nap and started a lively and noisy conversation with him, but Hibari remained silent for most of it until he finally lost his patience. Unnoticed by Ryohei, Hibari was already gripping his tonfas but then stopped when Ryohei stopped talking and headed back downstairs,done with his wounds.

In the Reception Room, Kusakabe was beaten up by Hibari while he was tending his wounds from fighting Ryohei. Hibari demanded an explanation. Kusakabe told him that Ryohei had became more insistent and mistook him as the real Hibari. Kusakabe asked what should they do about Ryohei. Hibari answered that he doesn't know since he has no interest in weaklings. Unnerved by his words, Kusakabe understood and just bowed his head.

Meanwhile, at shopping district, Ryohei excitedly told Kyoko about Hibari (not knowing that the Hibari he had fought was actually Kusakabe). This reminded Kyoko about the fight that caused the scar on Ryohei's forehead and said that fighting is bad. Ryohei was taken back and tried to make some excuse, but Kyoko changed the subject that she's glad that Ryohei had probably became friends with "Hibari". Ryohei thought about this and nodded with convictions.

One month after a "men's duel" with Kusakabe, Ryohei secretly tended his wounds in the rooftop all the while exchanging words with the Hibari. Hibari awoke form his sleep and as usual, giving his silent treatment to Ryohei. Thinking that he's lonely, Ryohei offered him to join boxing club and watch his match with "Hibari". Hibari was once again ready with his tonfas, but stopped once Ryohei continued that he and "Hibari" had become friends. After hearing Ryohei's story, Hibari left the rooftop. At that moment, however, a group of 50 people entered the rooftop.

The next day, Hibari asked how long does Kusakabe plan to play along with Ryohei's misunderstanding. Kusakabe reasoned that Ryohei won't listen to him even though he said that he's not the real Hibari and the reason he hasn't crush him yet was because it's for the sake of Namimori Middle. Hibari took this as disobeying his order but then Kusakabe continued that it won't be necessary anymore since Ryohei was hospitalized.

In Namimori Hospital, Ryohei lied to Kyoko that he was violently in awkward sleeping position. Kyoko said that the match is very soon and with Ryohei's condition it won't be possible for him to participate. Ryohei couldn't say anything and Kyoko quickly left the hospital room, crying that she cannot bear to see him like this. Ryohei silently apologized to her. Yesterday, 50 people came to strict Hibari's rule and got into fight with Ryohei who he thought they were intend to hurt Kusakabe whom he thought the real Hibari and considered as a friend, which resulting with his current state.

In abandoned factory at the outskirt of Namimori Town, Kusakabe along with other Namimori Middle Disciplinary Committee members had taken care of the rebels against Disciplinary Committee. Kusakabe wonders about Ryohei since the match is today and surprised when he saw Ryohei who's still injured on his way back to school. Kusakabe approached Ryohei. Ryohei explained that he wanted to go to Hisui-Middle School for the boxing match and asked him to take him there. Kusakabe reluctantly agreed and asked why he couldn't just leaving the match to other boxing members. Ryohei answered that all the other members were amateurs and inexperience so he had to fight.

As they arrived in Hisui Middle School, Kyoko surprised to see Ryohei there and revealed that she had asked Hibari to fight in his place, surprising both Ryohei and Kusakabe. Kyoko explained that she had gone to Junior high by herself to ask Hibari's help since he's Ryohei's friend and met up with him. Confused, Ryohei pointed to Kusakabe and said that he's Hibari, making Kyoko confused too. Ignoring this, Kusakabe rushed to gymnasium and shocked to see Hibari in the ring, ready for the boxing match.

Ryohei asked why he's here, still not knowing him as the real Hibari until Hibari answered that since Ryohei said that if he joined boxing club, he could do whatever he wanted, revealing himself as the real Hibari and Kusakabe as his second-in-command whom Ryohei had mistook as him. Not mindind the confusion from Ryohei and Kusakabe, Hibari continued that he will join boxing club under two conditions: after the match he will be quitting the boxing club and Ryohei must not ask Kyoya Hibari to join. Hibari frimly reminded again that Ryohei had promised that he could do whatever he wanted. Kusakabe protested that Hibari's conditions were too much but Ryohei agreed.

The match resulted with Hibari won single-handedly without any problems alone that making the Hisui-Middle school's boxing club feared him.

At The End ~Fine~Edit

Yamamoto finished the story that he had heard from his senpai to Gokudera, who nodded in understanding. Gokudera commented on Ryohei's idiocy while still hiding from Ryohei, only for Ryohei had ben already behind him, surpsing him. Ryohei insisted again for Gokudera to join his club and Gokudera about to rejected it again until he got an idea and agreed. Gokudera decided to use tactic like Hibari did to make Ryohei listen to what he say but Ryohei cut him off and dragged him to warm up by 100 running around the school, one hour stretch, push up, sit up and son, which Gokudera commented not light at all. Ryohei didn't listen to this and continued to drag him away despite Gokudera's protest.

The story ended with Hibari, who had beaten up 100 people who were targeting him, carefreely enjoying himself by sleeping peacefully in the rooftop.

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