Hibird Cambio Form

Animal Canary Bird
Abilities Singing
Partner Hibari (formerly Birds)
Manga Debut Chapter 68
Anime Debut Episode 22

Hibird was a bird that used to be one of Birds' birds. After Hibari taught him the anthem of Namimori Middle School, the bird became attached to Hibari. Hibird is usually seen sitting on Hibari's head or shoulder, though he rides in Future Hibari's pocket. The bird was subsequently nicknamed Hibird due to its connection to Hibari.
It has been shown that Hibird understands Hibari's commands and what he says. An example of this is shown when Hibari says to Hibird "Don't disturb me." when getting ready to take a nap on the roof of Namimori Middle School. Hibird flies away to give Hibari some peace and quiet, singing the school's anthem.


  • Haru came up with the name Hibird.
  • Hibird is voiced by Rie Tanaka, the same voice actress who voices Bianchi and Uri.
  • In Dream-Match up polls, Reborn stated that Hibird would win against Mukuro (owl) if it's a singing contest, but Mukuro will win if it's a fighting contest.
  • When Hibari equips his Vongola Gear Cambio Forma, Hibird also changes to have a Regent hairstyle similar to Tetsuya Kusakabe's.