Hibari vs. 500

Chapter 322

雲雀 VS. 500体
Hibari basasu 500-Tai
Arc Inheritance Ceremony Arc
Chapter 322
Volume Awakening Arrives!
Chapter Guide
Kyoya Hibari vs. Adelheid Suzuki
Small Animal

Hibari vs. 500 is the 322nd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


Upon defeating several Blizzaroids, Reborn states that Hibari's new Vongola Gear had incredible potential. Meanwhile, Adelheid reassures herself knowing that while Hibari had defeated seven clones, 493 remain. She assumes Hibari would be too exhausted to reach her. Hibari replies by saying Adelheid has yet to realize the magnitude of what she is dealing with and that because he put his armband at stake, she had better prepare. Hibari states that the word "discipline" is something he would never give up regardless of the condition. It's is not his pride, but his pride is to not give up on it. At these words, Tsuna reflects on what he cannot give up while Hibari looks at Adelheid, promising to bite her to death soon after.

Hibari sends Hibird away and continues to slay the remaining Blizzaroids single-handedly while maintaining no damage on his personage. Shocking everyone, including Daemon, who was observing the battle in the shadows. Daemon then states that Hibari is a demon and recalls only a handful of people in Vongola history with the ability to fight like that, including the strongest of Primo's Guardians, Alaude. This forces Daemon to wonder if the tenth generation guardians are the second coming of the first generation Vongola Boss and Guardians.

Back at the battlefield, it appears Hibari already defeated a majority of the Blizzaroids, contemplating on whether or whether not to use an attack he had yet to show Adelheid and Tsuna's group as there were only a small group of enemies left to fight. With this thought, Hibari extends the chains connected to his tonfa with the Cloud Flame's Propagation attribute, slicing through and defeating the remaining Blizzardroids...


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