Hibari's Cambio Forma Version Vongola Gear

Hibari Vongola Gear

Title Alaude's Handcuffs Version Vongola Gear
Users Kyoya Hibari
Similar Techniques Alaude's Handcuffs
Manga Debut Chapter 320

When Hibari uses his Vongola Gear Cambio Forma, Roll Version X merges directly with him, gaining two black clad tonfa, with the Bracelet of the Clouds Version X continuing to remain on his wrist, although with a slight change in its appearance. His uniform is modified into a trench coat with what appears to be a bird designed on its inside base. Although not shown directly, Hibari's trench coat could be used as a strong defensive barrier against physical damage. Another addition are blades at the bottom of each of Hibari's shoes; which he can freely extend, reinforcing the power of his kicks. The Vongola Gear seems to greatly boost Hibari's Cloud Flames, enhancing his stength, speed, stamina and overall attack power. The Vongola Gear also gives Hibird a hairstyle reminiscent of Tetsuya Kusakabe's.

Abilities and TechniquesEdit

  • Modified Tonfa: During his fight with Adelheid Suzuki, the ends of the tonfas are shown to open up, releasing chains that Hibari uses like flails. With the Cloud Flame's ability of propagation Hibari is capable of lengthening the chains, drastically increasing his attack area. The sides of the Tonfa have also shown to release spikes, giving each four long spikes on their sides. He can also release a spike on the front of the tonfa which then can be used to stab the enemy. Cloud flames can then be used to quickly extend the spike.
  • Needle Sphere Form: By using the Cloud Flame's propagation ability, Hibari can create many needle spheres of different sizes to attack his enemy. When he throws or launches them at his opponent they on contact cause tremendous damage (the Blizzardroids that were struck by them were immediately broken by them). They can also be propagated with Cloud Flames and grow to immense size. Hibari used this technique after planting them through the small breaks he had made in Adelheid's Diamond Castle, making them grow in size and breaking the Diamond Castle apart. He can also release a medium sized Needle Sphere From, which Hibari holds onto and grows in size, the spikes on it then extend (the Blizzardroids that Hibari has used this against were shattered or broken in half by the spikes).
  • Roll (Version X):Hibari has also shown to be able to release Roll (Version X) from within the Cloud Bracelet. Which Roll can then use Needle Sphere Form.
  • Alaude's Handcuffs:The final ability of the Cloud Bracelet is to create multiple handcuffs similar to the original version of Alaude's Handcuffs, although smaller in size. Hibari throws these at his enemies, and upon contact the handcuffs attach themselves to an opponent, tighten and cut the target.


  • The word behind Hibari's modified uniform is "Fuuki", which means "Discipline" in Japanese. The other words on the side of his uniform translate to "The Drifting Cloud that Bites to Death".