Hell Rings

Hell Rings

Title Hell Rings
Weapon Rings
Manga Debut Chapter 168

There are only six of these super-rare, Mist-attribute, cursed Hell Rings in the world. The six kinds of Hell Rings were created bearing different "curses." All Hell Rings possess an ability called "War Potential Doubling," which increases the user's fighting strength many times in exchange for his soul.

Shoichi Irie referred to these rings as being of the "strongest-rank" and described their War Potential Doubling power as "a contract with the devil." Also according to him, their power was discovered much before the Dying Will Flames.


Ossa Impressione

It has been said that the spirits of those who fall into hell can reside into this ring due their intense attachment to the living world. The number of spirits that reside into the Hell Ring amounts to thousands or even tens of thousands, and on the occasion that the Ossa Impressione's user receives an attack, they turn into scapegoats for him by becoming afterimages in the form of skeletons. Its name means "bones impression."
Possessed by Genkishi, together with the Nebbia Numero Due and the Spettrale Spada, it makes up what Shoichi describes as "Armamento da Guerra" (lit. Weaponry of War). When Genkishi uses the "War Potential Doubling," the Armamento da Guerra takes a monstrous aspect and he himself becomes a giant skeleton. Furthermore, during his fight with Tsunayoshi Sawada, he created illusions of Tsuna's Family that he claimed to be linked to the souls of the real ones, which was the true power of the Ossa Impressione Hell Ring according to him. How truthful that statement was is unknown, but a later comment by Gokudera regarding dreaming of attacking Tsuna implies a certain amount of validity in Genkishi's words.


K Hell Ring

Kawahira's Segno Hell Ring

This Hell Ring is capable of temporarily taking away and erasing the "presence" and "killing intent" of an individual, and even drifting a "presence" into a space where there is nothing. However, as this is a forbidden black magic that controls the existence of life, its user will always be side by side with ruin. This Hell Ring was born from the sentiments of a woman who did not accept the death of her loved one.
Possessed by the mysterious Kawahira, its name means "sign" in Italian. Incidentally, Kawahira activates the Ring's power by inscribing signs (kanji to be precise) of Mist Flames with hand motions. This implies a certain degree of correlation with the ring's power and symbolism, but it might also just be Kawahira's own particular way of doing things.


Hell Ring
This Hell Ring is also called by the pseudonym "Unlucky Ring" and it has been said that, after 666 times of misfortune have come to pass, it will be overturned and one time of fortune will be bring forth, but there is still no reports of a successful precedent. One would normally think of it as a high-risk ring, but an illusionist that considers misfortune as a way of thinking does not feel misfortune as misfortune, or simply has a personality that does not care about it might wear this ring willingly.

Possessed by Flan, its name is pronounced "sei-sei-sei," which translates into six-six-six in Italian.


Malocchio Hell Ring
Those glared by this Hell Ring will have their body paralyzed and lose the ability to think. In addition, it is a savage, carnivorous ring and the iron claw that grows from it can consume a body with the size of an elephant in just a minute. There are various theories about the owner of the eye in the center of the ring, but the most prominent tells about an adventurer that never blinked ever since he was born, and who gouged his own eye out on his deathbed so as to continue gazing at the world. (Source: Unknown)

This ring is possessed by Mukuro Rokudo. It blast tentacles made out of Mist Flames. Its name means "evil eye" in Italian.

Vine Covered Orb Shaped Ring

Mukuro Rings

This Hell Ring is the one on Mukuro's ring finger.

Possessed by Mukuro Rokudo. Nothing else is known about it.

Horn Shaped Ring

Nothing is known about it or its owner except that it is one of the six Hell Rings.

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