Hell Ring

Hell Ring Chapter Cover

Heru Ringu
Arc Future Arc
Chapter 216
Volume The Varia of Ten Years Later Arrives!
Chapter Guide
Hyper Explosion

Hell Ring is the 216th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Shoichi describes how making a pact with a Hell Ring can exponentially boost one's fighting power, though the user's mind suffers from it. Genkishi charges Tsuna and slashes at him with his sword, but Tsuna blocks the attacks with his X-Gloves. Genkishi, enraged, attacks fiercely, but Tsuna blocks most of the strikes and manages to land a few hits on him. Genkishi sends out Illusions of Tsuna's Guardians and friends that start strangling Tsuna. Genkishi startles Tsuna by telling him that the Illusions are, in fact, tied to the lives of Tsuna's real Guardians and friends. Reborn says that they have no way to confirm this since contact with his Guardians can't be made. Tsuna says that he would never forgive Genkishi and his X-Gloves' crystals starts glowing.


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