Heavy Rain Elephant


Title Elefante Forte Pioggia
Animal Elephant
Users Olgert
Abilities Flight
Power S
Intelligence B
Speed B
Stamina A
Size 15m
Personality Gentle
Manga Debut Chapter 223
Anime Debut Episode 138

The Heavy Rain Elephant is a Rain-attribute giant Box Weapon clad in Rain Flames. Easily controlled and reproduced, it is seen as a likely candidate for Millefiore's next mainstream Box Weapon. Olgert possessed three copies of this Box Animal and their combined destructive power was able to level a castle.


Hammer of Earth Martello della Terra11

Hammer of Earth

The Heavy Rain Elephant can levitate by coating its body in Rain Flames. This, along with its heavy weight and offensive/defensive capabilities, makes it comparable to a flying fortress.

  • Martello della Terra (lit. Hammer of the Earth): A technique in which the Elefante Forte Pioggia uses its whole body to crush a target on the ground.
  • Doppio Martello (lit. Double Hammer): A more powerful version of the Martello della Terra in which two Heavy Rain Elephants attack the same target simultaneously.
  • Elefante Triplicare (lit. Triple Elephant) is the Heavy Rain Elephant's most powerful attack, in which three Heavy Rain Elephants attack the same target simultaneously. It has three times the power of the Martello della Terra.


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