Hayato Gokudera & Kyoya Hibari vs. Chikusa Kakimoto & Ken Joshima

Hibari Attacks Ken

Arc Kokuyo Arc
Location Kokuyo Land
Hayato Gokudera
Kyoya Hibari
Chikusa Kakimoto
Ken Joshima
Fight Guide
Tsunayoshi Sawada vs. Fake Mukuro Rokudo
Kyoya Hibari vs. Mukuro Rokudo: Rematch

Hayato Gokudera & Kyoya Hibari vs. Chikusa Kakimoto & Ken Joshima is a battle fought between Hayato Gokudera & Kyoya Hibari and Chikusa Kakimoto & Ken Joshima which took place in Kokuyo Land.


After Lancia is poisoned, Tsuna and the others went inside Kokuyo building and on the way, they encountered Chikusa who then once again fought Gokudera.


Gokudera used his smoke bomb to let Tsuna and the others escape upstairs while he prevent Chikusa from chasing them. As the two fight, Ken Joshima joined in and attacked Gokudera. Gokudera was heavily injured by Ken who attacked him from behind while Gokudera's attention was focused on Chikusa. Gokudera then fell downstairs with heavy bleeding. One of Birds's birds appeared and said that Gokudera was beaten and Gokudera cursed the bird until he heard the bird began singing Namimori School anthem and noticed Hibari's tonfa on the ground. Ken and Chikusa approached him with Ken laughed at him when Gokudera threw his dynamite to the wall behind him. Gokudera only smiled and as the smoke cleared, revealing the injured Hibari who then said to Gokudera to let him handle the rest, which Gokudera agreed to. Ken used his Lion Channel and attacked Hibari but easily defeated by him and was tossed out of the window.


Hibari leaves, taking Gokudera with him, and joins in the fight with Mukuro. After Hibari manage to defeat Mukuro and collapses, Mukuro uses his Possession Bullet to possess Gokudera, Ken and Chikusa's bodies.


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