Haru's Father

Haru Father

Title Math Professor
Gender Male
Status Alive
Family Haru (Daughter)
Seiyu Takehiro Hasu
Manga Debut Chapter 12
Anime Debut Episode 4

Character OutlineEdit

Haru's Father is a math teacher in a university. He often helps his daughter with her math and, according to her, usually treats her like a baby.

Plot OverviewEdit

Daily Life ArcEdit

When Tsuna was working on a math problem that he and the others couldn't solve, Haru called her father to help them with the problem. To try and prove that Reborn was the infant genius mathematician, Dr. Borin, he purposely gives the wrong answer to the math problem. Reborn then gives the correct answer, leading him to the conclusion that Reborn is Dr. Borin. Later on, he asked Haru to go the eyewear store to pick up his glasses because he was extremely near sighted. Haru then used these glasses to help I-Pin see better.

Future ArcEdit

In the future, he and his family had moved out because of the danger they faced while Millefiore was eliminating every single person associated with the Vongola. Before they left, they wrote a letter for Haru and left it in her room.


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