Half Vongola Rings

The Half Vongola Rings

Type Rings
User Vongola Guardian Candidates
Flame Dying Will Flames of the Sky
Similar Weapons
Manga Debut Chapter 83
Anime Debut Episode 34

The Half Vongola Rings are the rings given to the candidates to become the Vongola Guardians when there is a disagreement between the Vongola Boss and the External Advisor, also known as the boss of CEDEF.
The Half Vongola Rings are the Vongola Rings split in two, with one set going to the current Vongola Boss, and the other going to the External Advisor. Both parties can then give their portion to the group they see fit to rule the Vongola Famiglia next.
Although a disagreement is rare, if this does happen, the two chosen parties have a battle to determine which one of them have the right to be the next Vongola Guardians.

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