Gyoza Fist

Title Gyoza-Kempo
Abilities Controls Target's Movements
Similar Techniques
Manga Debut Chapter 23
Anime Debut Episode 06

Gyoza-Kempo (or Gyoza Fist) (餃子拳 (ぎょうざけん), Gyouza Ken (Gyo u Zaken) sends a wave of garlic scent straight to the enemy's brain. This technique numbs the brain, which makes the muscles of the enemy move involuntarily. Since no one senses the garlic, people believe that the user is using psychic abilities. The bun that is consumed in order to perform Gyoza-Kempo contains the essence of 5 million normal gyoza, so if an ordinary person consumes it, they will most likely die. This nearly happened with Kyoko and Haru, who accidentally consumed it; luckily, Fon had an antidote.


  • According to Fuuta, Gyoza-Kempo is ranked 116th out of the 520 mid-range techniques.

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