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Guardian Showdown Cloud vs. Mist

145 Cover

Shugosha Taiketsu! Kumo to Kiri
Air Date August 8, 2009
Arc Arcobaleno Trials Arc
Episode 145
Opening Song Easy Go
Ending Song Aoi Yume
Episode Guide
The Arcobaleno Seals
Box Weapon Prototype

Guardian Showdown Cloud vs. Mist (守護者対決!雲と霧) is the 145th episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


Mukuro and Hibari continue their battle and Lal appears announcing this is the second trial. Skull calls his pet octopus to combat but Tsuna easily defeats it. Afterwards, he stops Hibari and Mukuro from battling each other and Lal announces Tsuna has passed the second trial, charisma. At night, Monta Hariyama and Himeko Hariyama are seen plotting a suspicious plan. The next day, Tsuna receives a phone call demanding him to meet the person at school or face dire consequences.


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