Gravita della Terra
Gravitational | Immobilizes trajectory | Immobilizing sphere
Gravita della Terra
Title Gravita della Terra
Flame Earth Flame
Abilities Gravitational Pull
Users Enma Kozato
Similar Techniques
Manga Debut Chapter 330

Gravita della Terra (大地の重力 (グラヴイタ・デッラ・テラ), Guravuita Derra Tera; Italian and Japanese for Gravity of the Earth) is a technique used by Enma Kozato. With his Dying Will Flame, Enma is able to create spheres of Gravity with gravity equal to that of a star. These spheres are powerful enough to suck anything within close proximity towards it. It is assumed Enma is able to produce as many of these spheres as he desires and fire them toward his target. The gravity can be used to change the trajectories of an enemy's or an ally's attack.

Additionally, two alternate versions of Gravita della Terra can be used: there is a version that stops the trajectory of objects incoming to the user, and there is a version that creates spheres around a target and immobilizes the target.