Romaji Name Gurandi
Title Bertesca Famiglia Sky Temple Guardian
Gender Male
Age Late 30s - Mid 40s
Status Alive
Famiglia Bertesca Famiglia
Weapons Pistol
Flame Storm

Character OutlineEdit

Grandi is a game-exclusive Bertesca Famiglia mafioso first appearing in the DS game Katekyo Hitman Reborn! DS Fate of Heat III - Yuki no Shugosha Raishuu!


Grandi has sleek, gelled brown hair. He has ordinarily-sized eyebrows, an abnormally large, red nose, and a brown mustache. He wears a white suit with a brown shirt underneath, along with an orange tie.

Plot OverviewEdit

Fate of Heat IIIEdit

Chapter 1Edit

In the game, he is the first boss to be fought. He and his team were the Bertesca mafioso that were responsible for guarding the Sky Temple where the Sky Crystal, one of the crystals that kept Parvento frozen, was placed. During the events of the first chapter, Tsuna, Basil, and Reborn encountered him at the Draw Bridge while trying to destroy the crystal. Grandi fought them, but was defeated.


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