Gola Mosca

Target 121 Cover

Gōra Mosuka
Arc Varia Arc
Chapter 121
Volume The Sky Match
Chapter Guide
Kyoya Hibari vs. Xanxus
Xanxus' Scheme

Gola Mosca is the 121st chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Tsuna has just arrived at the Cloud Ground. Gola Mosca fires a barrage of missiles at Tsuna, but Tsuna emits Sky Flames from his X-Gloves and flies past all of them. Tsuna then completely destroys Gola Mosca's other arm, causing Mosca to change its target to Tsuna. At the Vongola HQ in Italy, Iemitsu tells the CEDEF members about how Vongola Ninth went to Japan to watch the Ring Battles. The fake Ninth in the corner laughs crazily and tells them that it was too late.

Meanwhile, Mosca continues its relentless attack on Tsuna, but Tsuna manages to evade all of the attacks. Suddenly, Mosca jumps at Tsuna, seemingly taking him by surprise. Tsuna, however, concentrates Flames in his right fist and punches Mosca, sending it smashing into the ground. Back in Italy, the fake Ninth reveals that Gola Mosca gets energy from human life. Iemitsu comes to a sudden realization and says that they must stop the Cloud Ring Battle immediately. However, Tsuna wraps up the battle by slicing the Gola Mosca in half. The person that falls out of Gola Mosca is none other than the real Ninth Boss.


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