G's Archery Version Vongola Gear

Gokudera Vongola Gear

Title Gokudera's Cambio Forma Version Vongola Gear
Users Gokudera
Similar Techniques G's Archery
Manga Debut Chapter 314

G's Archery Version Vongola Gear reverts to Gokudera's original weapon (dynamite) rather than the original G's Archery. Uri now merges directly with Gokudera. Upon Cambio Forma Version X, Gokudera gains a large amount of dynamite strapped on his body and flame emblazoned armor on his thighs and one of his arms.


  • Pipe-Shaped Igniter: A pipe Gokudera uses to light his Vongola Gear Rocket Bombs with Storm Flames.
  • Storm Sunglasses: Sunglasses that are similar to the Contact Lenses Gokudera uses in the future. They allow Gokudera to scan and analyze weather, magnetic fields and gravity when targeting (allowing for more accuracy with his bombs).
  • Rocket Bomb Version X: Rocket Bombs that utilize Storm Flames to gain speed, power, and homing capabilities.
  • Air Bomb: Gokudera throws this bomb beneath him to give him extra propulsion when jumping.
  • Uri Bomb: Gokudera's secret weapon. Uri takes a form of a bomb with a fuse as its tail. This technique uses Uri's own Flames, and as a result Uri shrinks in size and remains that way for 3-4 days.
  • Vongola Gear Shields: Gokudera's shields from Sistema C.A.I. are now upgraded and used with his Vongola Gear.
  • Zero Ignite: A bomb that creates a smokescreen.

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