Glo Xinia

Glo Xinia

Kanji Name グロ・キシニア
Romaji Name Guro Kishinia
  • Fake Rain Funeral Wreath
  • White Spell 8th Squad Captain
Gender Male
Age Late 30s-Early 40s
Status Alive
Famiglia Millefiore Famiglia
Weapons Riding Crop
Box Animal Kraken di Pioggia
Flame Rain
Seiyu Yoshihisa Kawahara
Manga Debut Chapter 161
Anime Debut Episode 88

Character OutlineEdit

Personality Edit

Glo Xinia is extremely eccentric and perverted, being known to creep on little girls throughout the Millefiore.

Appearance Edit

Glo xinia

He is tall and thin with dark purple-pinkish hair that he wears in curtains around his face and pointy glasses. He also wears a light blue cape and is a member of the White Spell Unit. His right eye twitches when he is angry, though it also twitched when he was impatient with Shoichi Irie because he had not discovered the tracking device planted on Chrome.

History Edit

He is the holder of the Fake Rain Mare Ring.

Plot OverviewEdit

Future ArcEdit

Between Training & Merone Base InvasionEdit

Glo travels to the old Kokuyo Land Base of Mukuro's gang and finds that Chrome from ten years ago is there. He inspects her Ring and, upon finding that it is the genuine Mist Vongola Ring, laughs. He tells Chrome that he killed the Mukuro of that era, and she brings out Mukuro's Trident and strikes him. Glo hits back, slapping Chrome to the ground with his Rain Whip. Chrome then tries utilizing her Illusions, but he sees through them instantly. He brings out his Rain Owl, and not only neutralizes Chrome's fire pillars, but turns them into a wave of water that crashes into Chrome.

Glo, after allowing Chrome to stumble to a hiding spot, comes upon her. It is at this point that his Rain Owl changes to a Mist Owl, as it is possessed by Mukuro. Glo has to focus on fighting his traitor Box Animal off before he can chase after her. Once he does, he watches as Chrome's Mist Vongola Ring unfreezes, and her bringing out the Mist Flame, wondering how she can light the ring when she is only part of the Mist Guardian. She then brings out illusions of Mukuro, Ken, and Chikusa. At first, he is skeptical of the real illusions of Mukuro, Ken, and Chikusa she summons, but soon realizes they are real. Glo loses the battle, badly beaten, and is nearly killed. He is later seen receiving medical treatment and does not take part in the final battle against Byakuran.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

  • Riding Crop - A Riding Crop used for striking the opponent.
  • Gufo di Pioggia - Glo's former Box Weapon. As the Rain Owl, it could transform Illusions into Water and crash them into the opponent. It is a C Rank Box Weapon.
  • Kraken di Pioggia - A gigantic Squid named after the mythical beast of the ocean, and in which only its arms have been seen. It strikes and entangles enemies with its ten arms, which can be covered in twisters fused with Rain Flames. It is an A- Rank Box Weapon.


  • Like many members of the White Spell Unit, Glo Xinia is named after a flower or plant, and in this case, he is named after the Glo Xinia Genus of the Tropical Herb family.
  • He has the same voice actor as Giaggiolo.


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