Glacier Flame

Glacier Flame

Color Light blue, almost white
Kanji 氷河
Romaji Hyōga
Ability Freezing and ice and Blizzardroid creation
Users Adelheid Suzuki
Belongs To Dying Will Flames of the Earth

Glacier Flames appear as glacial ice shards, which, upon contact with water, freezes it into glacial ice. Glacier Flames possess freezing properties. Usually, the user of the Flame needs a source of water in order to use this Flame to its full capabilities. It can also be noted that Glacier Flame users themselves do not have to physically touch the water source to which they create their Flames from. Adelheid did so when she froze the nearby stream to creates her Blizzardroids. The glacial ice generated by the user can also be manipulated and molded. However, if there is no nearby source of water, the user is also able to instead release the flame and launch the deadly glacial ice shards towards their opponents, which itself can cause tremendous damage. The actual ice generated by Glacier Flames have more traits in common with diamond than ice, as it is the most defensive Flame shown so far. This implies that the "effect" of the flame fortifies water rather than simply freezing it. Despite this, the "ice" created can be worn down through high level combination attacks and is not as hard if attacked from the interior.


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