Please note that this is the Reborn Wiki's article on Ghost's Awakening, the technique used by the Lightning Funeral Wreath Ghost. If you are looking for the article on Ghost Awakens, the episode, then you should head to Ghost Awakens.

Ghost's Awakening
Technique | Flame Absorption
Ghost Awakening 2
Title Ghost's Awakening
Users Ghost
Manga Debut Chapter 272
Anime Debut Episode 199

Ghost's Awakening is a deadly technique used by Ghost, where he absorbs anyone's Dying Will Flames in his vicinity. Flames can be absorbed even while the targets are not using their Flames; the targets' Flames just simply leak away as they are absorbed by Ghost. Ghost can also use the Flames he absorbed to teleport.
A more deadly feature of this technique are the beams of light which Ghost releases. If caught, the target's flames are instantly drained out, killing them instantly. During the draining process, the target shrivels up as their Flames are being drained and dies as a result. Even Box Animals aren't safe from this technique, being petrified before turning to dust if they are caught.
The Flames that are absorbed by Ghost, go straight to Byakuran rather than to Ghost, and even if the enemy used a technique to absorb Flames from Ghost, they wouldn't be able to use these Flames as none of the flames absorbed remains with him.

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