Kanji Name ジェラーロ
Romaji Name Jerāro
  • Bertesca Decimo
  • Vongola Snow Guardian
Gender Male
Age Late teens
Status Alive
Weapons Staff
Box Animal Snow Reindeer
Flame Snow (Sky in disguise)
Seiyu Mamoru Miyano

Character OutlineEdit

Gelaro is the main antagonist of Katekyō Hitman Reborn! DS Fate of Heat III - Yuki no Shugosha Raishuu! and the Vongola Snow Guardian. He is the tenth Boss of the Bertesca Famiglia, an allied Famiglia to the Vongola since the times of both Famiglias' respective first generations, and is in possession of the Vongola Snow Ring. His territory is the Catafalco Island in the Mediterranean.


Gelaro is a tall teenager with light-turqoise colored spiky hair. He wears a Winter Jacket  with a dark grey suit and an orange necktie beneath, White pants, a pair of white gloves, white earmuffs, and long dark brown boots complete his outfit.


For the most part of the game, he is usually shown to be calm and cool-headed. Due to years of isolation at Catafalco Island and harsh persecution during his childhood, it's quite hard for him to interact with people outside the residents of the island, speaking with others in cold demeanor. He takes his position as Bertesca boss seriously and always prioritizes his Family's welfare. However, behind all those traits, deep inside he was actually feeling bound by his duty as Bertesca Boss, hating the fact that he cannot choose his own path as his purpose to live had already been decided since even before he was born and longing for freedom. His desire for freedom caused him to be easily manipulated by Parvento, and showed a fiercer side of him to the point where he had no qualms about sacrificing several people in the process. But after knowing the truth and starting to interact with Tsuna and his family, he started to show the softer side of him as well as his love for his family and the villagers of the island.


Vongola snow ring

Vongola Snow Ring

Gelaro is a direct descendant of Bertesca Primo and the only heir to the Famiglia. Due to Bertesca Famiglia's isolation, he and his Famiglia are persecuted by other mafia Famiglias as their Famiglia was weak and small. He spent almost his entire life at Catafalco Island with his parents and grandfather, who took care of him and taught him about their Family's duty, which is protecting Parvento's seal. Several years before the main storyline of the game, during one of the persecutions, however, Gelaro's father was killed, leaving him distraught and orphaned, with Banchiza and his remaining Famiglia members taking care of him in his parents's place. One day, during a stroll around the Bertesca mansion, he found the frozen Parvento and was shocked when the latter talked to him despite being in his frozen state. Recognizing Gelaro as the current Bertesca Boss, Parvento lied to him that their Family's duty is actually protecting him from Vongola, who only used their Famiglia as a stepping stone and just left them to suffer, and that the only way to regain their honor was to destroy the Vongola with his help, deceiving him to free him. Gelaro, not knowing the full truth of the past and wishing for freedom, believed Parvento's words and convinced his remaining Famiglia members to seek revenge on Vongola and to free Parvento from his seal.

Plot OverviewEdit

Fate of Heat III: Yuki no Shugosha Raishuu!Edit


Cattaract di Neve

Gelaro using Cataratta di Neve to freeze the Vongola Rings

Before the Choice Battle, while Tsuna is training with Basil and Reborn, Gelaro appears before them, introducing himself as Vongola Snow Guardian and the tenth Boss of Bertesca Famiglia. At first, Tsuna, Reborn, and Basil don't believe him until he shows them his Snow Vongola Ring and Snow Flame. He then freezes the Vongola Rings with his power and told Tsuna before he left to come to Catafalco Island if he wished the Vongola Rings to be unfrozen.

Chapter 1-6Edit

After Tsuna, Reborn, and Basil defeated Grandi and destroyed the Sky Crystal at the Sky Temple, Gelaro is seen in front of spikes of ice as the orange colored spike shattered, commenting that it has began. At this time it's revealed that his reason for freezing the Vongola Rings seems to be for Tsuna and his Guardians to unfreeze their Vongola Ring, and, in the process, deactivate the 7 Crystals scattered throughout his island. Every stone that is deactivated will break the ice spike of the same flame type that seals a mysterious being sealed within them. For most part of the game, he stayed within the frozen room and commented each time the crystal started to break.

Chapter 7Edit

He once again confronted Tsuna and his Guardians, shortly after Chrome destroyed the last crystal that sealed the mysterious being, which later Banchiza revealed to be Parvento. He briefly spoke to Tsuna and his Guardians about his true plan, but retreated to make sure that Parvento is freed. At Bertesca mansion, he confronted Tsuna and his Guardians again who intended to prevent Parvento's revival. He was defeated, but able to buy enough time until Parvento completely freed from his seal. At this time, it was revealed that his real flame is Sky Flame, while the Snow Flame and the Vongola Snow Rings were just clever camouflages. He then revealed his and his Famgilia's past and his reason for challenging Vongola. After hearing this, Tsuna tried to explained the true duty of his Family, but Gelaro refused to believe this and went to Parvento's place while Tsuna and his Guardians returned to the Vongola Ship to arrange plans.

At the underground room where Parvento was frozen, Gelaro demanded Parvento to wipe out Vongola, only to be attacked by him. Parvento then revealed the entire truth, and that he has been lying to him and his Famiglia all this time. Gelaro fought against him, but immediately defeated.

Later, Tsuna and his Guardians found him lying unconscious and injured on the corridor to Parvento's room. As ordered by Tsuna, Ryohei healed him with his Sun Flames. Immediately recovered, Gelaro apologized to Tsuna for not believing him and wishes to defeat Parvento together.

After defeating Parvento, Parvento intended to kill all people in entire island by exploding himself, but Gelaro and Tsuna were able to prevent this by using Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition together, freezing the explosion. Afterwards, Gelaro's Vongola Snow Ring shattered as it already reached its limit. Once again, Gelaro properly apologized to Vongola Famiglia, to which Tsuna immediately accepted.


Seeing that Gelaro still felt guilty and down, Tsuna invited him and his Famiglia to their party at their Vongola Ship to celebrate their victory. Expressing his gratitude, Gelaro swore that from then on the Bertesca Famiglia would always support the Vongola, thus becoming their ally once again. Tsuna then asked what would they do next, since Parvento had been defeated. Gelaro finally decided that he and his Famiglia would still stay at the island to protect the villagers, but promised that they wouldn't live in isolation like they used to be and that they would visit the Vongola again.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Most of Gelaro's powers are drawn from his Vongola Snow Ring. He uses a staff as his main weapon for hand-to-hand combat. The staff can be retracted and he always carries it with him beneath his jacket.

  • Ice & Snow Manipulation - Gelaro has the ability to control or create pillars or objects of ice and snow. This ability has many sub-abilities as consequence, depending on the way Gelaro uses this power. Some examples are:
    • Snow Cataract (Cataratta di Neve, カタレット ディ ネーヴエ)
    • Snow Arm (Braccio di Neve, ブロッチヨ ディ ネーヴエ)
    • Cage of Snow (Prigione di Neve, ガッピア ディ ネーヴエ)
    • Snow Semblance (Nivare Parvenza, ニヴアーレ パルヴエーぜ)
    • Regend Territory (Reggente Territorio, リジエンテ テッリトーリオ)
    • Diamond Dust (Polvera di Diamante)
    • Snow Aurora (Nivare Aurora)
    • Snow Reindeer (Renne di Neve) - Gelaro's Box Weapon, a reindeer that rushes towards enemies.
    • Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition - Like Giotto, Tsuna, and Timoteo, he is able to seal away Dying Will Flames into ice that can only be melted by strong Dying Will Flames.


  • Gelaro's name was originated from the word "gelare" that means "freeze" in Italian.
  • In the game, he has a special attack with Tsuna called "The Vongola Bond," showing that he feels he is a part of the Vongola Famiglia as well.
  • Besides Fate of Heat III, he also appears as a support character at Katekyo Hitman Reborn! DS Flame Rumble XX.
  • He, along with the Bertesca Primo, are the only characters not possessing the Vongola bloodline to able to use Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition (although it should be noted that both characters have no relation to the actual plot of the story).
  • He and the Tenth Simon Boss, Enma Kozato has some similarities:
    • Both live in an island that also serves as their Famiglia's main base operation.
    • Both lost their parents when they were young.
    • Both at first had trouble communicating with people outside their Famiglias.
    • Both lived a harsh childhood due to being isolated from outside world.
    • Both are manipulated into fighting Vongola (Gelaro by Parvento, and Enma by Daemon Spade).
    • Both eventually fighting together with Tsuna to defeat their respective enemies and reconciled.


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