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Gaining Mobility

160 Cover

Kidō Ryoko Teni Irero
Air Date November 21, 2009
Arc Choice Arc
Episode 160
Opening Song Funny Sunny Day
Ending Song Yume no Manyuaru
Episode Guide
For My Friends

Gaining Mobility (機動力を手に入れろ) is the 160th episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


Tsuna and his friends are assembled to listen to Shoichi's explanation about the upcoming battle which will be played like the game of Choice. He explains that in the game of Choice takes place in a large battle field where two teams attempt to invade the other's mobile bases to defeat their opponents. Irie explains that the large battlefield would require Tsuna and his friends to find a mean of transportation for the battle. Giannini and Spanner compete against each other in an attempt to solve their mobility issue. After many failed inventions, Giannini finds a solution to their problem and presents to them an Airbike, a hovering motorcycle powered by Ring Flames.


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