Please note that this is the Reborn Wiki's article on G's Archery, the Weapon used by the 1st Generation Vongola Storm Guardian G.. If you are looking for the article on G's Archery the Episode, then you should head to G's Archery (Episode).

G's Archery

G's Archery

Title G's Archery
Abilities Firing Storm Flame-enhanced Arrows
Similar Weapons Gokudera's Cambio Forma Version Vongola Gear
Manga Debut Chapter 266
Anime Debut Episode 195

G's Archery (Gの弓矢, G no Archerii) is a bow and arrow-based weapon first used by the first generation Vongola Storm Guardian, G.. It was said that G., though highly proficient in a large range of firearms, always used a bow and arrow when doing work for the Vongola.
Through Cambio Forma, the 10th generation Storm Guardian, Gokudera, can transform his Box Animal Uri into a similar weapon. The weapon design has the limbs of the bow made of "bones". It is capable of increasing the output of Storm Flames as compared to the normal box weapon. It has the Roman Numeral "I" on the front to symbolize the connection to the first generation Guardian.


  • Tornado Flame Arrow - A powerful attack that launches a huge jet of Storm Flames towards the enemy.
  • Gatling Arrow - An attack that simultaneously fires four Storm Arrows, capable of pinning an enemy to the ground.

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