Fuuta, Once Again

Target 35

Fūta Futatabi
Arc Daily Life Arc
Chapter 35
Volume The Zoo
Chapter Guide
Le Petite Prince Fuuta
Valentine's Day

Fuuta, Once Again is the 35th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!.


Tsuna returns home and is annoyed with Fuuta for showing up everywhere he goes. As Tsuna tries to tell Fuuta not to come to his school, Dino and his men arrive and try to purchase the ranking of the Gospella Famiglia. However, Fuuta refuses to accept the money and gave the ranking to Dino for free since he is ranked number one in terms of Mafia Members who cares for the welfare of their community and for being Tsuna's sworn brother.

After Dino and his men leave, Reborn tells Tsuna to grasp the chance to get some rankings for himself which Fuuta agrees. Just then, Haru arrives and asks Fuuta to give her top three charm points. Fuuta then starts to rank causing things around the room to levitate. After sometime, he tells her what she wants to know, causing Haru to be impressed and continues to ask things like the top three things she likes about Tsuna, with the number one being his gentleness. Suddenly, I-Pin and Lambo arrive and are levitated along with the rest of the things. Fuuta reveals that I-Pin's Pinzu-Timed Super Explosion is ranked 38th out of 816 in terms of most powerful attacks, with her Gyoza-Kempo beings 116th out of 520 of effective attacks, and being third out of 52,262 people with the potential of being a promising assassin while Lambo ranks as the most annoying Mafia Member, and also the number one in the ranking of people wanting to kill him and make him a seat cushion.

Gokudera also arrives quickly followed by Yamamoto. Gokudera asks Fuuta for his place in the ranking of people suitable to be Tsuna's right-hand man to which he replies that Gokudera is out of range, atmospherically out of range, stunning Tsuna and Gokudera. Fuuta continues to tell Gokudera that he is number one out of 82,203 people suitable to become a kindergarten teacher, surprising Tsuna, Haru and Gokudera. Just then, Bianchi arrives and asks Fuuta for a love ranking. Fuuta starts ranking and reveals that Tsuna's number one in his love ranking is Leon, disappointing Haru who says that her heart is just like the rainy sky. When Fuuta hears the word rain, he stops ranking, causing everyone to fall to the ground. He reveals that he hates the rain since it makes his rankings inaccurate because, according to Reborn, rain causes an interference with the Ranking Planet's connection...


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