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Further Intruder

125 Cover

Saranaru Shinyūsha
Air Date March 21, 2009
Arc Future Arc
Episode 125
Opening Song Last Cross
Ending Song Sakura Rock
Episode Guide
Blocked Fog
Strongest VS Strongest

Further Intruder (さらなる侵入者) is the 125th episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


Gokudera and Gamma finish their battle, destroying the battlefield in the process. Meanwhile, Reborn and Tsuna figure out that the circle machine was created by Irie Shouichi for time travel, causing them all to be stuck in the future. Iris's squad finds Spanner's hiding place. Chrome arrives in front of the door that leads to Gokudera and Ganma's battlefield although neither appear to be at the scene. As Genkishi is about to deliver the final blow to the unconscious Yamamoto, Hibari intervenes.


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