Furious Bolt of Lightning

Episode 181 Cover

Hageshiki Raigeki
Air Date April 24, 2010
Arc Inheritance Succession Arc
Episode 181
Opening Song Listen To The Stereo
Ending Song Famiglia
Episode Guide
The Duty of the Guardian of Rain
Silent Storm

Furious Bolt of Lightning (激しき雷撃) is the 181st episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


The episode starts with Lampo sitting on a chair in front of a window, playing with a watch. Vongola Primo appears behind him, and tells him the Lightning Trial is up next. Lampo appears before Tsuna , Reborn  and the sleeping Lambo and announces that Lambo's trial will take place at an amusement park. Tsuna, Yuni , Reborn, I-Pin and Lambo go, as instructed, to the amusement park the next morning. Yamamoto , Collonello , Gokudera and Fon join them.

To pass Lampo's trial, Lambo has to gather three stamps by riding three amusement park rides and enter the castle in which Lampo resides. The rides are the teacups, a miniature race track, and a course through a robot museum. While going through the rides, Verde, who is also Lambo's tutor, hacks into the amusement park systems in order to perform various tests on Lambo and to deduce why Lambo has such a high resistance to electricity. After Verde captures Lambo with a robot to steal his horns, Lambo's fear causes him to release all the electricity Verde shocked him with and which causes an explosion destroying Verde's robot and sends Tsuna and Lambo into castle. Lampo initially deems Lambo has failed the trial since Tsuna missed stamping the paper (instead accidentically stamping Lambo's behind) but decides to pass Lambo after seeing the electricity Lambo released.


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