From The Second Sword Emperor

Target 173

Nidaime Kentei Yori
Arc Future Arc
Chapter 173
Volume The Sun After The Mist Arrives!
Chapter Guide
The Day Before the Decisive Battle?

From The Second Sword Emperor is the 173rd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn!


Lal Mirch is asking Tsuna where he had seen the round machine before, to which Tsuna embarrassingly admitted he saw it in a dream, which angers Lal Mirch. Reborn however, asks Tsuna what else he saw. Reborn then tells the group that the round machine may just be the key to unraveling the mystery of Irie Shoichi and the Future.

After that ordeal, Yamamoto is participating in his usual training with Reborn. Yamamoto performs several techniques with Shigure Kintoki against Reborn but is still defeated in the end. Reborn tells Yamamoto that he had to get serious for a bit in the last fight. Yamamoto laughs and says Reborn is simply saying that so as to not make him feel bad. Reborn then hands him a box of CDs containing Squalo's 100 battles in securing the title of Sword Emperor. Yamamoto quickly became engrossed in the videos, leading Reborn to leave him watching and training alone for the next three days. He then gives a test to Yamamoto: After three days, he will come back to test his strength. If he is able to land a hit on Reborn, then Reborn will tell Yamamoto his secret.

Three days later, Reborn have a rematch against Yamamoto. As the match begins, Yamamoto executes his new technique, Shigure Soen Ryu's Special Style Ninth Form: "Scontro di Rondine". It creates a tear in Reborn's fedora and Reborn tells Yamamoto that he passed the test.


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