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Freezing Flame

63 Cover

Kōritsuku Honō
Air Date December 22, 2007
Arc Varia Arc
Episode 63
Opening Song Dive to World
Ending Song Friend
Episode Guide
The Truth About Anger

Freezing Flame (凍りつく炎) is the 63rd episode of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! anime series.


As the fight continues, Xanxus tries to break the ice and release his flames. However, Tsuna prevents him and begins to freeze Xanxus' entire body. As Xanxus becomes frozen, he reveals that this scenario is similar to when the 9th Vongola Boss froze him. Squalo finally reveals the whole story of what happened 8 years ago during the "Crib Incident" and how the Varia attacked Vongola Headquarters but failed due to the freezing of Xanxus. Meanwhile, Ryohei is shown freeing Gokudera, Yamamoto, and Chrome from Mammon and Bel's trap. However, Mammon was able to get all the Guardian Rings and is seen at the end hovering over the frozen Xanxus, saying that all the rings will reawaken Xanxus.


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